The Vlog: Season 4, Episode 1 (Switcheroo - Part 1).

Well guys and gals, this is it! It's the start of the newest season of The Vlog! It's full of wackiness, twists, and turns, and I hope everyone digs it! This is just part 1 of the 2-part premiere... the second part obviously going to be put up next Sunday.

I'll also say that this was probably the most difficult set of episodes I've ever had to put together. There are numerous tricks, filming and editing, that had to be done and put together. Split screen, long takes, simultaneous takes/edits, and minor special effects. So I hope it turned out as well as I hope it did. So... let's just get right to it. And, of course, let me know what you think.

(Note: You'll also note slightly higher video quality... because I finally figured out how to export it with better quality.)


  1. I'll be the first to say that was awesome! Loved it! And you tricky bastards, hiding behind my back! (I'll leave that vague to avoid spoilers.)

    Anyway, good job with the effects. It's not easy talking to stuffed animals all day, is it?

  2. Best one yet, Nick. Huge improvement in quality. Sorry, my camera sounds like shit compared to everyone else.
    PS. Jason cracks me up!!!

  3. Those effects were great - nice work by all. Really looking forward to seeing no less than three people act as inanimate object this season. :D

    I really wish Kai lived in an apartment complex so that his neighbors could hear him screaming "Mindrape!" 20 times while recording all of this.

    Can't wait 'till next week!

  4. Jason: Glad you love it! And yeah, lol... it took a lot from me to keep that a secret from you.

    Kai: Thanks! Don't worry, your camera is fine enough.

    Dylan: Glad you liked the effects. Jason's was probably the hardest to do, as there were probably about 5 effect-related things going on there. And I bet you can't wait til next week. We all know why! :P

  5. Nigel gets a title role! He'll be thrilled :P

    Loved the episode. Video quality makes a big difference!


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