The Vlog: Season 4, Episode 4 (The VooDoo Man).

I know it's a short episode, but I think it's a fun one anyway. Now that the premiere and the first Story Time are done, it's time for a regular episode. Though it turns out the non-Story Time episodes might be a little shorter than the others, as I'm somewhat limited on the randomness I can logically record as a stuffed animal. Anyway, as usual, I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think!


  1. Is anyone ever gonna mention the fact that I didn't switch into a different body with someone else? I feel like that's gonna be important eventually.

  2. Nobody mentions it in the show, no. But it does become important.

    My one regret with this season is that I had to rush a lot of the script because of a couple deadlines. Because of that, I didn't have to the time to focus in on some of the smaller issues like that.

  3. Oh shit...da VooDoo Man appears!

    I'll have you know that you had an audience of 5 huddled around a laptop last night watching this. A record?

  4. @Sebastian: What it means to me is that you and I will probably not appear "on camera" together this season.

    As for the VooDoo Man, I'd like to thank the Academy...

  5. Jeez dude, that was wayy too short! But awesome and funny none-the-less. And if there's any normal wear and tear on Cokie, you're buying me a new one!
    -Jason (Who isn't home right now.)

  6. It's really only about a minute shorter than usual, and I've had episodes this short in the past... so it's not too unusual. But thanks. :P

    And there won't be any wear and tear on Cokie. I'm making sure he's treated right.


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