MonthWatch - January 2012.

It seems everybody else on the planet is doing this, so why not me, too? Actually, Jason Soto said he was gonna do it right before the start of the new year, so I started just in time right along with him. I'm going to keep a monthly tally of the movies I've both watched for the first time and as re-watches. I think it'll be interesting to see what all I've watched at the end of the year and how many. That being said, let's do it.



Splice - For DemPod. It's decent.
Drive Angry - In preparation for my Top 10 list. It's still awesome.
I Saw the Devil - In prep for my Top 10. Love it.
Attack the Block - In prep for my Top 10. Love it.
The Evil Dead - For LAMB Movie of the Month. Great stuff.
Suburban Knights - Because it's hilarious and nerdy and awesome.
Star Trek - Loads of fun.
Crazy Stupid Love - In prep for my Top 10. Love it.
X-Men: First Class - I had owned the Blu-Ray since it came out and decided it was finally time to pop it in. It's really good, though I've never really gasmed over the X-Men films.
SE7EN - I was up for some awesome serial killer action.
Midnight in Paris - In prep for my Top 10. Yeah... love it.
Cloak & Dagger - Video Game Movie series. Way too dark for a kid's flick.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - For DemPod. Love it!
Cube - I was in the mood for it ever since watching Splice.
Office Space - Needed to let off some work steam.
The Game - Went kind of on a Fincher kick this month, and I really dig this film.
EuroTrip - After I decided I was going abroad, I was put in the mood for this. Scotty Doesn't Know!
Super Mario Bros. - Video Game Movie series. Still not as bad as people say.
The Social Network - Bought it on Blu-Ray right after it came out. Just watched it. Still cool.
Spider-Man - More Raimi... wanted some light superhero stuff, and this fit the bill.
A Clockwork Orange - I believe this marks the first rewatch of a 60/60 film; ironic that it'd be a Kubrick. I loved this the first time, and I still love it.
Spider-Man 2 - Just basically continued the next night. They're super cheesy, but fun.
Repo! The Genetic Opera - For DemPod. Love it.
Tangled - I wanted something super light and fun, so this hit the spot.


Griff the Invisible - Really fun soundtrack, but an only so-so film.
Pete Smalls is Dead - Great "that guy" cast. Not a great movie.
Silent Running - For DemPod... oh dear God, that music...
Chillerama - An anthology flick with a good first part, awful middle, and brilliant end.
Contagion - For MILF. Eh.
The Guard - Decent.
Flatliners - Talk about a random choice... it was alright.
Killer Elite - Eh.
Moneyball - For MILF. I really liked it, despite the fact it was about math and baseball.
Creepshow 3 - For Lair of the Unwanted... not painful, but still bad.
Neverending Story 3 - For Lair... I hate you, Jason.
Going by the Book - A really fun foreign heist flick with a great concept. Slightly flawed, but still good.
Jackie Brown - For 50/50. It was alright.
L.A. Confidential - For DemPod. Took a while, but I liked it.
Ides of March - For MILF. I really dug it.
Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission To Rescue Princess Peach! - For the V.G. Movie series... totally trippy.
Best Worst Movie - A fun, though sometimes sad, look into the "where are they now" of Troll 2 cast and crew.
The Expendables - Painfully average.
Dirty Harry - For 50/50. I dug it.
50/50 - I really liked it. Thought about putting it on Top 10, but decided against.
Real Steel - For MILF. I was very surprised by it and ended up really enjoying it.
Hausu - For 50/50. One of the biggest WTF movies I've ever seen.
The Thing (2011) - Starts off making me wonder why everybody thought it wasn't very good. Then I found out.


Theatrical - 0
Re-Watch - 24
First Time - 23
TOTAL - 47


  1. You beat me by 1. My January total was 46, but only 12 were re-watches.

  2. It took me two reads to remember that MILF probably wasn't what I thought it was :). Did you wonder how Stallone's makeup artist kept his/her job?

  3. I love watching Films but haven't been to watch as many as I could like nowadays. life seems to be getting the way a lot. I did, however, watch Boyz N The Hood and a bunch of other Hood movies over the weekend.

  4. Good god, man - 47? You really need to get out more often. :P Even at my most singlest and unemployedest and/or boredest, and with how much I love movies, I don't think I've ever watched 47 in a month. What's scarier is that there are people out there who've watched double your 47 in a month (and aren't getting paid for it).

    I never want to hear about the plight of you teachers and how you're so busy with work again. I don't know about Steve, but I'm guessing no more than 2 of these (and probably not even that) were watching in classes.

  5. Dylan: I'm gonna smack you upside the head for the teacher comment.

    During the week, I generally watch 2 movies a night, back-to-back (from about 7 to 11), and while I'm doing other stuff. That's how it gets that high.

    But no, I don't watch movies during school/class. It isn't allowed. Steve does, though, but he does a film class... so yeah.

  6. Smack me all you want, but no one who's THAT busy can watch even one movie a night, much less two.

  7. That's why teachers are excellent multitaskers.

  8. We should probably stop, as I'm starting to get a little flustered.

  9. Seriously? Sorry, dude.

    And to think, I was gonna make one joke that probably woulda cut deep but held back.

  10. It's ok. I have very few buttons. You just happened to find one of them. I guess because I grew up under the implication that all of my effort did not or would not amount to much. That is partly why I procrastinate half the things that I do. So it just bugs me when somebody undermines something that I put effort into or even worse shows little interest in.


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