The Vlog: Season 4, Episode 7 (Story Time #3 - The Room).

Here you go... probably the episode you were all waiting for--or at least the episode you've always wanted but never knew you always wanted. It's Dylan as Nic Cage as Tommy Wiseau talking to an inflatable kangaroo who has switched bodies with an over-the-top Australian cliche. You will never hear that sentence again. If you've never seen The Room, you might want to watch this first to understand what is being mimicked here.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this. I know it's a short episode, but I think it's pretty fantastic. Let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. That's what I get interrupted for?

    Ok, I can dig it!

  2. I'm surprised Nic Cage decided to mimic Tommy Wiseau. I could see him being all "Face/Off" Cage for this part. With that said, awesome job everybody! Tom's "role" if you will, at the end, was hilarious.

  3. Sebastian: Yup!

    Jason: I was kinda surprised, too, expecting pretty much the same. But since it was Wiseau, I let it slide, because it's funny anyway. Perhaps it's just the role Cage was born to play.

  4. From what I head, the guy playing Nic Cage has no actual skill at mimicking Nic Cage, so when he read something that said "Nic Cage impersonating Tommy Wiseau (or The Joker)," he just went straight for the second impersonation.



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