MonthWatch - February 2012.

[I'm going to keep a monthly tally of the movies I've both watched for the first time and as re-watches. I think it'll be interesting to see what all I've watched at the end of the year and how many. That being said, let's do it. Here's the next month.]


Chronicle -
Loved it.

Drive - Better the second time, but I still feel it's one of the most overrated films of 2011.
How To Train Your Dragon - It's just so fun.
The Shining - One of my two favorite Kubrick's.
The Island - Reel Insight podcast put me in the mood for this a while back.
Pitch Black - Love this movie, and I needed a little Riddick.
Clerks II - Hilarious. I might have a controversial opinion, but I like it even more than the original.
Cellular - I forgot just how many big names were in this flick.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie - Eastman... he comes from the east... to fight the Amazing RANDO!
The Hurt Locker - This only kinda counts since I fell asleep at one point due to lateness, but I was in the mood to check it out again.
Daybreakers - Doesn't quite hold up as much the second time.
Beetlejuice - Daaay oh. Me say daayyy oh. Daylight come and me want go home.
The Eye (original) - For DemPod. Didn't hold up the second time, either. But has an amazing elevator sequence.
The Princess Bride - One of the greatest movies ever made, I think.
Alien - For LAMBcast. Good stuff.
Double Dragon - For V.G. Movies series. Bad stuff.
Aliens - LAMBcast. Best damn Blu-Ray conversion I've ever seen.
Alien 3 - I'll save my thoughts for LAMBcast.
Alien Resurrection - LAMBcast. Poor Joss Whedon.
Street Fighter - For V.G. Movies series. Of course!
I'm A Cyborg, But That's OK - For DemPod. I adore this film.

In Time - Not awful, but could have been better.
All That Jazz - For DemPod. Who the hell gave Darren Aronofsky a time machine?
Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture - For V.G. Movies series. Blah.
Videodrome - For 50/50. Stomach vagina (since I forgot to mention it in the review).
Columbiana - Forgettable.
Gantz: Perfect Answer - I saw the first one last year... this one isn't as good.
Grave Encounters - Jason overhyped it a bit, but it's pretty good.
Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie - For V.G. Movies series. The only Street Fighter movie thus far you should watch.
Naked - For 50/50. Fantastic.
The Fog - For DemPod. Not so much.
Anonymous - For MILF. Outright painful.
Dirty Girl - Quirky and good, but could have been a wee bit better.
Take Shelter - For MILF. A bit slow, but great performances.
Waiting For Superman - They showed us this at work. Pretty interesting stuff.
The Red Shoes - For 50/50. No thanks.
Martha Marcy May Marlene - For MILF. I really liked it.
Tower Heist - I chuckled once or twice. It's decent, but nothing super fantastic.
Black Orpheus - For 50/50. The myth stuff was cool, but it was too focused on Carnival.


Theatrical - 1
Re-Watch - 44
First Time - 41
TOTAL - 86


  1. Yay for stomach vagina!

    I watched 44 in February--only 14 rewatches.

  2. Wow!!! that many films in a week!!! I wish I could do the same :)

    I like these very short reviews of yours, can I copy it? ;)

    Ps. I am reading your book now and I starting my first novel too (written in both English n bahasa). Wish me luck, I need your kind of determination.

  3. Steve: Indeed.

    Novroz: Sure. I took this idea from someone else who took it from someone else who took it... etc. :P

    Also, can't wait to hear your thoughts on the book. And good luck on your own!

  4. I watched...10 in February. I'm a beast!!!

    Surely an interesting month here. Too bad you hated all yer 50/50 movies. :P

    RI had me in the mood to rewatch The Island, too. Haven't done it yet, of course...

  5. I didn't hate all my 50/50 movies. I thought Hausu was a trip, and I loved Naked. Videodrome was alright (no love or hate). Red Shoes was really the only one I didn't care for. Black Orpheus was just 'eh'.


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