The Vlog: Season 4, Episode 9 (Story Time #4 - A Vlog Renewed).

This is one of those episodes that makes me nervous. It's very choppy when I'm putting it together and takes a lot of time and editing to get right. Of course, the last time I felt this way, it turned out to be one of y'all's favorite episodes of last season. So let's hope something similar happens here. It's more than just a 'recap of the whole series' episode, as it does have a bigger purpose in existing. So I hope everyone enjoys. Let me know what y'all think!


  1. *clap....clap....clap clap clap clap clap CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP* BRAVO!!!! Best episode so far!

  2. I'm not gonna lie. This is the first time I've ever tuned in for the VLOG! How the F did I never tune in????????? This is freaking awesome!

  3. Castor: Thanks! Now you should go back and play catch-up! Trust me, the actual episodes this is referencing are even more fun! You can find links to all episodes under "The Vlog" on my nav bar up top. I'll warn you--Season 1 is vastly different than the seasons that follow, but it's still a necessary season to watch.

    Glad to have a new viewer!

  4. I'm with Jason - that's probably my favorite from this season, and not just because I'm the star of it, either. Very well-written and edited, and of course, the voice-over stuff from Nolahn and James is great. The running joke with Sebastian never gets old.

    Nick - don't forget you made a Wiki for the Vlog. Not sure how up-to-date it is, but it might be a good place to steer newcomers.

  5. Ah, yeah. It's up to date through Season 3. I haven't updated it yet for Season 4.

    And thanks for the vote of confidence on this episode. It was one of those episodes that I loved on paper--then I got footage for it (and/or audio) and just kinda stared (and/or listened) blankly at it, unsure of how to make it work. The same thing happened with the episode last season where James was introduced and you appeared as Cokie. But, as it turns out, both seem to be favorites, so I guess I did my work right.

    Personally, my favorite episode is 12--it still makes me laugh even after having watched it a dozen times. But you'll get to that in a few weeks.

  6. Well...I know what a lot of ep 12 is made up of, but others have yet to see it. It ought to be the fan favorite...we'll see.

  7. You know about half of ep12 (though it's a freakin' brilliant half). But there are some twists and turns coming up (in both episodes 11 and 12) that only the actors involved know about. Can't wait for the next few weeks to reveal them.


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