The movie wasn’t good. The movie wasn’t God-awful. It was ‘huh…k.’ The basic premise is as follows: Picking up where the last one left off, an Alien born from a Predator (henceforth known as a Predalien) wreaks havoc on the escape ship and makes it crash-land in Colorado. They send out a signal, and a lone Predator, apparently the ‘clean-up guy’, comes to take care of business. The Predalien then wreaks more havoc on the small town by killing and mouth-raping the locals while the lone Predator hunts it and the other Aliens… killing any humans that get in its way.

That’s about the only story, really. There really isn’t any character development, and there’s a decent-sized cast (including a returning army woman and her family, a pizza boy, his ex-con brother, his hot blonde crush (and her jerk of an ex-boyfriend), and the town Sheriff). There are a lot of other characters shown, but the annoying thing is… is that they’re killed off within 5 minutes of being introduced (at the longest). You don’t really care when they die. And a lot of people die. It’s like ‘hey, a new chara…oh, he’s dead. Oh, somebody else! She seems… err… dead.’

There is gore half the time, and half the time they cut away. Why? I dunno. I do admit that some of the stuff was pretty hardcore. And kids, babies, and pregnant women do bite the dust in this movie, so the filmmakers had a few guts to go against typical Hollywood in that fashion.

There could have been more fighting, too. Most of the movie is the Predalien killing people (which you only see happen half the time). There’s some cool fighting toward the end, and the Predator vs. Predalien fight was pretty cool (even if the camera was moving too much for you to tell which was which).

Throughout the movie, you’ll see the lone Predator walking around silently, hunting them… shooting at them… and continually missing them. Surely they had a better ‘clean-up guy’ in the Predator world. I mean, he was good, but it seemed like almost any Predator with all the gadgets he had could have done the job. So why send JUST him?

And like many horror movies, there are other logic flaws, such as ‘Why are they searching for a back door and/or window to escape when an unlocked front door is about twenty feet away with no obstacles in their way?’

Overall, though, it was brainless, Sci-Fi/Horror entertainment, and it did manage to at least entertain. I didn’t understand the ending (and was mostly like ‘what the…?’) until I came online to read up on it. It should make more sense to those of you who are hardcore fans of the Alien series, as it ties into that.

I give it a Stop Saying Okay! Okay.

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