Obsessive Characters.

Okay, so there’s obsessed, and then there’s obsessed. Obsessive characters often make for creepy (and sometimes Oscar-winning) characters. This list will discuss five of the greatest obsessive-to-the-point-of-psychotic characters in cinema (at least that I know of, anyway). Also, this is not a Top 5 list, but just a random listing in no particular order (mostly because the top spot would be way too hard to choose and would be tied… and I don’t like ties).

Warning: This list might contain spoilers if you haven’t seen the movies.

Wedding Crashers

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “What? That silly comedy? Oh, right, Isla Fisher’s character.” To that I say, “Nope!”

In fact, the character I’m thinking of would be the crazy little brother, Todd. He’s obsessed with Vince Vaughn’s character. The plot of the movie is really irrelevant here, as this is just a random little sub-plot with no real weight on the rest of the plot, but I thought that Todd would be a humorous way to start off this list.

Creepiest Scene:

When Vince Vaughn is tied to the bed, unable to move, and Todd shows up and begins to basically molest him, then gives him a painting that he did of Vince’s character.

Creepiest Line:

Todd: “I made you a painting. I call it ‘Celebration.’ It's sexual and violent. I thought you might like it.”

The Hole

Most of you are probably asking “what the hell is this movie? I’ve never heard of this.” Well, it’s not known very much, but it is a decent movie all about obsession.

Liz Dunn (Thora Birch) shows up after she and 3 of her peers have been missing for quite some time, and tells the authorities that she’s the only one left alive. Liz and her peers, including Frankie (Keira Knightley), skip a school trip to hang out in an abandoned, underground bunker for three days. But when the three days are up, the friend who got them into the place doesn’t come back, and they’re stuck, locked in. Through different accounts, the truth of what actually happened starts to reveal itself.

When the truth gets out, so does the obsession. Liz was obsessed with one of the boys in the group, but he didn’t even seem to realize she existed, so she gets one of her friends (who is also obsessed with her) to sneak them in to this abandoned bunker so she can try and get closer to him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the way she planned, so she locks them all in with a spare key until it does. That, however, doesn’t go exactly as planned, either, as the claustrophobia kicks in and starts making them get all crazed with each other, and Frankie gets sick.

Creepiest Scene:

I’d probably have to say the very end, when Liz gives Dr. Horwood the “I just won” look.

Creepiest Line:

Liz: "Have you ever loved anyone so much you didn't care what happened to yourself? You just had to be with them. If they look at you, your heart stops. If you feel their breath on your skin, you just ache. Have you ever craved anyone so much you didn't exist any more?"

Dr. Horwood: "No."

Liz: "I have."


Audition is a Japanese horror movie with an ending that only true horror fans can stomach.

The premise is that this guy’s friend talks him into doing a fake movie audition in order to audition women to be his future wife. And he finds her, and she’s really young and really hot. And they seem to hit it off, even though the guy’s friend feels odd vibes about her and tells him to call it off. The moral of the story? Always listen to your friends.

The young woman becomes obsessed with the man, waiting every minute of the day for his calls, and cherishing every moment they’re together… but not for the reasons he thinks. Now, I’m actually not going to say the ending is the creepiest scene, because I don’t think it is. It’s the goriest, by far, but not the creepiest. So without further ado…

Creepiest Scene:

The creepiest scene to me is when the young woman is sitting on her floor next to the phone, just staring down at it, unmoving except for the most subtle movements, with a large bag nearby. Then the bag moves.

Creepiest Line:

Oh man, this was tough… almost any line during the ending sequence that she said… from the “kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri” thing to the “This wire can cut through meat and bone easily.”

One Hour Photo

To me, this is, by far, one of the creepiest movies I have ever seen. It's so creepy that I've only been able to watch it a few times (even though I own it).

Sy Parrish (Robin Williams) works at the One Hour Photo department in a local department store. The Yorkin family are his favorite customers, as they have been coming to him for years. He feels like he’s part of their family. I mean, he really feels like he’s a part of their family. Unfortunately, they don’t agree.

I can’t even describe the creepy level of this movie. Sy is the epitome of the words obsessive and stalker. I really can’t sum up a creepy scene or creepy line, as the whole freakin movie is overly creepy. I know I won’t be able to pick just one line, but if I had to pick one scene, it might be the part where you see Sy’s wall o’ family photos… that aren’t of his own family (at least, to anybody that isn’t him). Even still, there are loads of other creepy moments here. You just need to see it for yourself.


Come on, if you didn’t see this topping off the list, you don’t know your obsessive characters! For any interested, had this been a top 5 list, this and One Hour Photo would have tied for first.

Based on a Stephen King story of the same name, Misery is about author Paul Sheldon (James Caan), famous for his Misery series of novels, who gets in a car wreck during a blizzard. Luckily for him, he’s saved by Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates, who won an Oscar for the role), his number 1 fan! With both legs horrendously broken, and him being bedridden for quite some time, he has to be in her loving care. He wasn’t taken to a hospital because the roads were snowed in and the phones were out. But thank God she was stalking him at the time he crashed so she could save him. Well, it was a good thing up until she reads the newest Misery book, in which the title character that she loves and adores dies.

This movie is any celebrity’s nightmare and gives a new chill to “I’m your number 1 fan!” Annie Wilkes jumps from ecstatic to upset church lady to depressed to angry to psychotic and back to ecstatic again, and sometimes all in one scene. Now, I’m sure if you’ve seen or know about this movie, you know easily the creepiest scene (and line) in the movie.

Creepiest Scene:

The hobbling scene: One block of wood, two feet, one sledgehammer.

Creepiest Line:

Right after the hobbling is over, she looks him right in the eye and… “God I love you.”

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