Guilty Pleasure Movies... Surf Ninjas.

Guilty pleasure movies... those movies that you really don't want to admit to liking, but could watch over and over again because you just can't get enough of it. Everybody has at least one, and today, for a reason not even I understand (I think boredom), I'm going to talk about one of mine: Surf Ninjas.

This movie has it all... surfer dude brothers who are really long-lost princes of an unknown island and have hidden ninja-like abilities... a half-robotic Leslie Nielsen... rapper Tone Loc... and a young Rob Schneider. How can that formula go wrong? Oh, it can... and it feels so good.

Anyway, as I hinted at, the movie is about these two adopted brothers (Ernie Reyes Jr. and Nicolas Cowan), and they love surfing. They have this goofy friend (Rob Schneider) who can't surf to save his life, but thinks he can control outcomes by starting a sentence with 'What if...'. Well, one day this dude in an eye-patch (Ernie Reyes Sr.) shows up and tells the brothers they're these long-lost princes of the island of Patusan (no, seriously), which has been taken over by the ridicu...er... evil Colonel Chi (Leslie Nielsen). So they must go save the day. Oh, and the little brother can see and/or control the future through his Sega GameGear (remember those?).

What makes this movie good is that it refuses to take itself seriously. It knows what it is, and it exploits it in a grand fashion. There's even a moment when the older brother removes a mystical sword, some angelic music plays, and he stops in a 'what the heck?' fashion, then shrugs and keeps going. It's purely cheesy, actiony, comedic fun and is worth the time if you ever want to watch some pure entertainment without needing your brain. Kwantsu, dudes!

Oh, one last thing... it has one of my favorite movie dialogues ever:

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  1. Ha...can't say the same opinion of surf ninjas...But I will go with 3 Ninjas anyday.


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