TV Meme: Day 18 - Favorite Title Sequence.

It's Day 18, where I shall discuss my favorite title sequence. This one was incredibly easy. Sure, there are some amazing title sequences out there. Mystery Science Theater 3000. Dexter. True Blood. All are brilliant in different ways. But my favorite? My favorite comes from a show probably none of you have seen. It was a show that only lasted about a season and a half and starred Bruce Campbell as a Zorro-type figure in the Napoleonic Era (and Verne Troyer played Napoleon). It was called Jack Of All Trades, and it was a great and incredibly cheesy show. But I always loved the title sequence, and I just had to watch it every time instead of fast forwarding (I watched it on DVD). I won't try to explain it to you. Instead, take a minute out of your day and just... enjoy it yourself:

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