TV Meme: Day 24 - Best Quote.

Not much to say for Day 24, best quote. So I'll keep this short. I loved this quote from the second I heard it. It's from the show Greek. The episode is in Season 3, entitled "Camp Buy Me Love." Casey and Cappie are out camping with Cappie's hippy parents. Cappie and his father wander off for a minute, leaving Casey and Cappie's mom April, played by the wonderful Lea Thompson, to speak with Casey for a while.

They get into discussing relationships, as Casey has been worried about Cappie's wanting to stay in college as long as he can, while she's ready to move on with life. They love each other dearly, but they're at this fork in the road, and Casey isn't sure what to do. This is when the following quote happens, with April giving her a bit of wisdom (see below the picture):

"Some love stories are short stories, but they are love stories all the same."

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  1. Though I don't find the show to be highly quotable, I tend to lean more toward any of Cappie's witty quips. But this is definitely one of the more genuine quotes from the show, and rings very true, especially for the situation at hand.


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