TV Meme: Day 28 - First Show Obsession.

Day 28--my first show obsession--was a tough one. Not too hard... but tough. I remember being obsessed with a handful of shows all around the same time. But then I thought about this: what do I consider obsession? Is it just watching the show? Or is it going out and buying everything attached to said show, as well (toys, etc.)? But that still only narrowed it down to two. Luckily, I know that Power Rangers came a few years after these two shows, so it automatically dropped from the running. So I think I'm gonna go with the first of these two that I'm left with, mostly because it was a much bigger obsession... much.

And that obsession being? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That's right, the TV series that began in the late 80s. I loved TMNT. I watched the show. I had episodes on VHS. I had about an infinity of action figures. I had video games. I had a TMNT lunchbox AND thermos. I had a TMNT pillow (in the shape of Michelangelo, I believe). I'm sure I had TMNT bedsheets. And I'm pretty sure I even had a TMNT backpack.

And then, oh, the live action movies! Let's just say the VHS box of the first movie was so torn up. I still really loved the second movie, as well, despite the lack of my favorite character--Casey Jones. And then... well... there was a third movie, but we don't like to talk about that one. And then a few years back when they made the CGI movie, I was still pretty excited. And then I saw it. But I hear they're making another live action one. I hope they get Corey Feldman to voice Donatello again.

But anyway, none of that stuff would have mattered to me if it weren't for the original obsession: the TV show. Oh... and I'm sure you're curious. The other TV show I nearly chose? Pee-Wee's Playhouse (I did have Pee-Wee dolls or whatever, and I apparently went around chanting "Pee-Wee Herman" quite often). So... yeah.

(P.S. No, I haven't watched any of the new TMNT shows. I've seen clips and... they look like crap.)


  1. i was the same! il never forget when me and my younger brother went to the library and had our prized action figures with us - his Donatello and my Raphael - but alas, when we left, we forgot Donatello. Shocking times.

    I always though leonardo was the leader ... until the movie, when it was clear raphael was. that always bothered me.


  2. Yeah, but did you have their music? Come on man, you can't be obsessed unless you were rocking out to "Coming Out of Their Shells".

    Cowabunga, Dude!

  3. Kano: I did, indeed. I owned a VHS copy of their stage musical.


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