TV Meme: Day 25 - A Show I Plan On Re-Watching.

Almost to the end now, huh? We're at Day 25, and I must now discuss a show I plan on re-watching. This wasn't too difficult of a choice, as there are a couple shows I wanna re-watch. I'm currently re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, so I can't necessarily count that as my choice. And I do, eventually, plan on re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (potentially in a similar format that Rachel is doing, where I alternate with Angel, considering I never watched it). But I've already talked Buffy to death recently (and I'm not done with her yet), so I figured I go another route.

One show I eventually want to re-visit--and potentially buy, which is a rarity with me--is Dexter. I'm not exactly sure this show qualifies considering it's still going on, but I'm going with it anyway. I love this show to death. It's clever, funny, dark, twisted, violent, and suspenseful. All the characters (with one or two exceptions) are great and grow as the show does.

The first season was a brilliant opening to the show, but the second season is where it really hit its stride. The second season was brutally suspenseful, not to mention the interactions between Dexter and Doakes in the later episodes were brilliant. Those were some of my favorite episodes. Season 3 was a bit lackluster, though I think that's mostly due to coming right after such an amazing season. If Seasons 2 and 3 switched, I wonder how many people would still dislike Season 3 (I know they can't be switched story-wise, but still...)?

And then Season 4 came along... one of the best seasons of any television show period. Even my mother, who had sworn to me she didn't like Dexter after seeing part of the very first episode (not much for blood and whatnot), became hooked on this season... despite never seeing the previous 3. That's how good this season was.

So yes, I totally plan on revisiting the earlier Dexter seasons, probably sometime before Season 5 begins. It's great stuff.

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