Musical Monday: Once - Falling Slowly (#10).

[Every Monday, I'm going to be counting down my 52 favorite musical numbers from musical movies and TV shows. I might not like the full movie/show, but the number makes the list for various reasons: 1) I have to like the song, 2) the visual of how the number is performed is most likely unique or fun, 3) both song and visual mixes well to create an exciting or powerful number. So let's get to the next on the list.]

We made it! We're in the Top 10!

Now, I've only seen this movie, well... once. And I'll be honest: I didn't really care for the overall film. However, it's also one I think I need to revisit, as well. That aside, I feel this song is not only the film's highlight (it did win an Oscar), but I think it's one of the most beautiful songs ever written. And that's why it ended up in my Top 10.


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  2. Definitely do revisit it! Great movie with some really amazing songs and while Falling Slowly is a highlight, there is 2 or 3 others that are definitely good too.

  3. Here's my biggest problem with the film and its music. Outside of Falling Slowly, I couldn't understand a damn word of it. I had to turn the subtitles on. And that didn't go over well with the music aspect of it for me.

  4. As someone who owns the soundtrack and has listened to it many times, I'm glad it's on your list.

    I didn't think it was that hard to understand. You should definitely go back and watch it again at some point.


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