Musical Monday: Repo! The Genetic Opera - Night Surgeon (#13).

[Every Monday, I'm going to be counting down my 52 favorite musical numbers from musical movies and TV shows. I might not like the full movie/show, but the number makes the list for various reasons: 1) I have to like the song, 2) the visual of how the number is performed is most likely unique or fun, 3) both song and visual mixes well to create an exciting or powerful number. So let's get to the next on the list.]

This was a very difficult one to choose. I knew it would be from this movie... but which one? Obviously not the one that will be a little higher on the list, but there are so many others (I could have really done at least half the other songs in the film). The big ones, of course, include the catchy "Let the Monster Rise," the emotional pain-filled "Legal Assassin," and the damn near almost winner, "Chase the Morning." But I went with this one for a few reasons. First, yeah, it's catchy... and it's a haunting and creepy tune with a man fighting with his inner demons. Second, they use a very easy and basic set to great atmospheric effect. The overall visual of the scene mixed with the song just won me over the others.

Unfortunately, the video is not allowed to embed. So Click Here to go see the video.

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