Five Days Of Saw: Saw IV.

Yup... you know the drill by now. If you haven't seen the previous three, consider this spoiler-town.


When I first saw this one in theater, I really didn’t know what to think about it (except quite a few negative things), mostly due to its confusing and overly complicated nature. Like the others, the movie picks up right where the previous left off with John/Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) getting an autopsy. Then it flashes over to a couple other guys in a coliseum-type place, chained together, one with his eyes sewed shut and the other with just his mouth sewed shut, who are to fight to the death (because they can’t seem to work together). Then there’s the story of Detective Rigg (Lyriq Bent), the only one left on the original team who is still alive/active. He’s been recruited to play the next Jigsaw game, which is to have him think/act like Jigsaw thinks/acts in order to save the still-alive Detective Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg), as well as the captured Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor). Meanwhile, Special Agents Strahm (Scott Patterson) and Perez (Athena Karkanis) are trying to find Rigg and stop things once and for all at all costs, including questioning John’s ex-wife, Jill (Betsy Russell).

Again, like I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, the best things about this movie are the camera work/editing and the continuity (and Tobin Bell’s acting). Not only does it connect things/people back to Saw 2 and 3, but it continues to explain countless things about John’s history, from the clown doll to the pig obsession and even more on how he became the way he did. I haven’t seen any other horror/thriller series that’s put this much backstory and time into their villains in order to make them so deep and involved. You can’t say Jigsaw is a shallow villain, because every little detail about him is explained, every little psychological tick is explored.

The other characters aren’t as deep, unfortunately. Sure, Rigg has been around since the second movie, but he hasn’t ever had this much screen time before now. More of his psychology was explored, though, but nothing beyond the surface level.

And while I loved the story and character depth this film portrayed (because this one was almost entirely about story and characters over blood and traps), the part that messed everything up for me was the twist ending(s). I’ve always said a twist can either make or break a film, and this one nearly breaks it. First of all, there were two main twists, and one of them was highly predictable. The other twist wasn’t even plot related, but instead chronologically/development related, meaning that there were no clues or anything to help the audience along. And by the time you realize what’s going on, you still have no idea. I was confused for so long after I saw the film for the first time and had no idea what had just happened. That’s not a good thing.

However, the movie continues to grow on me with every viewing. I focus more and more on the character depth and story development instead, and I also understand the ending, so it isn’t as annoying as it was the first time I saw it. If I would have reviewed this last year when I first saw it, it would have had a much lower score. But now that I’ve seen it a few times now and can review it with a more opened mind, it’s gonna be relatively higher than it normally would have been. For that reason, and that reason only, it’s getting the following score.

I Am McLovin!

The following segments involve spoilers:

Questions Raised Thus Far:

- Who the heck was the guy in the drill-to-the-neck trap and what did he do (Saw)?

- What the heck ever happened to Dr. Gordon's wife and daughter (Saw)?

- What the heck ever happened to Dr. Gordon (Saw)?

- As such, now that we know he turns survivors into apprentices, will he do the same with Dr. Gordon (after all, the -surgeon- in the video at the beginning was -limping-); Also, now that we know survivors can also be re-gamed, will Dr. Gordon just be used for another game (Saw II and Saw IV)?

- What the heck happened to Danny Matthews (Saw II)?

- How is Obi connected to Jigsaw, as he helped him gather all the people into the house, and as he's seen running in a flashback near John and a woman (Saw II and Saw III)?

- What is that key to that was around Amanda's neck (Saw III)?

- What happened to Jeff's daughter (Saw III)?

- Is Agent Perez still alive (Saw IV)?

- Was Rigg being set up as a new apprentice and/or is he still alive (Saw IV)?

- What was with that box of glass in one of the flashbacks (Saw IV)?

- What happened to Agent Strahm since he was locked in the room with Jigsaw's body, though we know Jigsaw is eventually found due to the autopsy (Saw IV)?

Questions Answered Thus Far:
- Does Jigsaw just let Amanda go live her life now that she survived?
(He turns her into his apprentice)
- Does Adam just die of starvation, dehydration, and/or blood loss?
(Amanda kills him via suffocation).
- What's with all the pig stuff?
(John was obsessed with Chinese New Year and made his first victim during the Year of the Pig).
- What the heck happens to Detective Matthews now and/or is he still alive?
(He escaped capture, was re-captured, and kept alive to be used in one final game, wherein he died).
- Who is that woman in the flashback?
(John's ex-wife, though then-wife, Jill)
- What was in that envelope that Amanda reads?
(No specifics, but we know that Hoffman wrote it... according to the director, that's all we need to know).
- What happened to Jeff after the end if Saw III?
(He was shot by Agent Strahm immediately afterwards).
- What was with that wax-coated tape?
(John swallowed it so that it could be found during his autopsy in order to begin a new game with Hoffman).

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