The Student Teacher Chronicles: Week Nine.

So yeah… not much happened this week… at all. This is probably the shortest installment I’ve written thus far (and probably about as short as it’s gonna get).


Not much to say about today. I did some reviewing over what I taught Friday for first period, and then they did a timed writing for the essay. Second through fifth period just continued to work on writing their own essays. Sixth period got a bunch of papers and stuff back and just worked on poetry. Second through sixth periods all got papers to let them know what assignments they’re all missing and need to turn in. From seventh period conference and on through after school, we just did a bunch of grading. That was pretty much it. It was a relatively good day, over all. The only negative is that I really dislike teaching first period because it’s an AP class, and I feel stupid and that they’re all smarter than I am on this stuff (because I hadn’t even heard of a lot of this, so teaching it makes it very difficult). After school, I even took the quiz they had to take today, and I averaged in pretty close with what most of them got (I got a 44), though some of them did better. Yeah… didn’t help much; yet another reason why it’d be beneficial to get that eighth grade position. Anywho, otherwise, it was a good day.


Yet again, not much special happened today. First period finished up more timed writing. Second through fifth periods continued on their essays for their last day to work on them in class. I left toward the end of fifth period for Jury Duty (which was super easy and quick), but I knew all sixth period was doing was a Vocab test, so I didn’t really miss much. Yeah… that’s about it.


You guessed it… not much happened. First period I graded the Vocab tests that sixth period did the day before while I was out. Second through fifth periods were turning in essays and taking a huge Vocab quiz that mixed all three units thus far, so the whole time I was basically grading tests and getting those back to them. Sixth period we started Haikus, which were insanely simple, and they finished up other poems and such. Seventh period conference and after school… basically all I did was a bunch of grading. I got out of there about 5 PM. Like I said, not much happened.


First period I focused most of my time on cutting/pasting and laminating for different pictures for sixth period. Second through fifth periods worked on various different tests (and/or homework or essays) depending on where they were at in their work. In sixth period, we discussed simile, metaphor, and descriptiveness in poems. We read sample poems and then I gave a new assignment wherein they randomly picked different pictures (which I had laminated for class sets) and where they would have to write a poem about that picture using descriptive wording, simile, and metaphor. After that class, there was a bunch of random/fun running around and a bit of grading.


Alright, so what happened on this day? Well, I didn’t really do anything first period. Second, third, and fifth periods I took students to the lounge to help them go over their Post-Test answers so they could understand what they did wrong. Fourth period I entered some information onto a chart that my mentor teacher asked of me. And a couple of the classes, I also helped to finish up essays. Sixth period my mentor teacher left because she had to go to an ARD meeting for her son, but that was fine. Oh, and every period, each student had to dance to get into the room, so that was really fun. A lot of people didn’t want to do it, but we made them do it anyway. The only time it really backfired was fifth period when these two guys got all moody about it and refused and just sat down in the hall, which, in turn, made my mentor teacher upset about it, so it was just a bunch of mess. Anywho, I went to the Pep Rally after that and participated in it, in which I did a Tug-O-War on the Teacher Team against the Juniors (and the Seniors faced off against the Sophomores). The Seniors and Teachers won, so we faced off against each other, and the Teachers won again (and that same crazy/funny AP that I’ve mentioned before ran in and grabbed the rope to help us out, as well). We all got prizes. However, the Principal also participated, and he broke his wrist in the process (though continued participating, I believe, which shows his dedication to the kids!). But then there was an ambulance and stuff that had to take him to the emergency room. But anyway, I did a bit more grading and then left relatively early (before 4). And that’s about it.

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