The Five Days Of Saw.

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So I've been planning this out for nearly 10 months now, and it's finally coming to fruition. This Friday, Saw V is coming to theaters. Amazingly enough, I've not done any full reviews for the first four Saw films. Therefore, starting tomorrow (Monday), I am going to be posting one review a day for each of the films up through Thursday, and then I'll be able to see and review the newest installment on Friday.

I was originally asking for other people's reviews of the first four films so I could post them up along with mine, but I didn't really get any responses (I advertised elsewhere, which was probably one mistake). So I guess I'm just going to be posting mine and that's it.

But instead, I'll add a little something to the bottom of each review. I'll ask the questions each film leaves us with and, after the first film, take an answer off and put the answer if it has been given one. That way, by the time I've gotten through the fourth film, I'll have a nice list of questions still floating around out there that need to be answered within the next two films (because I believe I heard there are only going to be six). With that being said, there will be some spoilers in these reviews, so be wary if you haven't seen them (I'll try to mark off the spots where I'll have major spoilers).

So anyway, there we are. There will not be a DVDs or Death! or P.E.S.T. this week (I suppose you can count this as a P.E.S.T. entry). So here is the pretty basic/simplistic schedule for this week:

Monday - Saw.
Tuesday - Saw II.
Wednesday - Saw III.
Thursday - Saw IV.
Friday - Saw V.

Yeah... pretty simple. Anywho, I hope you enjoy it. And I hope this makes up a little bit for the fact I haven't been around too much lately.


  1. Hey Nick, here's my review I did for Saw 2 a few years ago (maybe 2006?)


    Hope that helps and it's not stupid sounding.

  2. I would have helped out, but I'd score incomplete. Only seen the first, and it was a long time ago. Sorry bud.


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