Film Production Diary: Day 5.

We're back from Christmas break and back to filming! And today was... interesting. It was like a snowball of bad. First, I discover that the one girl who was going to film today (and was actually supposed to film before Christmas break but couldn't) couldn't stay today, but will be here tomorrow (*crosses fingers*). Then one of my main guys tells me he couldn't find his shirt he'd been wearing (and to avoid continuity issues, I need them in the same wardrobe). He also didn't bring the jacket that another one of my main guys had been wearing. So they were out of filming today, too. And to top it all off, my main guy is sick.

But that's about where the bad ends. We did get about 3 shorts scenes filmed today because I just needed me, my main character, and a camera. And him being sick helped add to the kind of 'blah' emotion of the scene. So at least we got something done.

With my luck, though, he'll end up staying home sick tomorrow or something and we won't be able to film anything. Now that'd suck. I told him he's not allowed to be sick... though I'm not sure that'll work. Anywho, that was about it for the day. We were finished in about 30 minutes.

Oh the joys of working with 14-year-old students...

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