Odyssey: The Remix (My Movie + Bloopers).

Update: I'm not sure if it's just my computer or Vimeo, but the movie is slightly laggy in a couple parts... don't have too much time at the moment to mess with it, so if it's that way for y'all, I apologize.

Finally! Here it is. This is the movie created by my students and me. It's a modern adaptation of The Odyssey. We filmed for 9 (non-consecutive) days after school, each day for roughly an hour and a half, so it was almost impossible to get more than one or two takes per scene (hence why there are mistakes here and there, and why some editing is rougher than others). With the exception of one or two, these students were not trained in acting (i.e. have theater classes). in other words, there were extremely limited film times, conflicting schedules, untrained "child" actors, and only the help of iMovie '08 to edit. Not to mention a lack of extensive setting, seeing we could only film on campus.

In other words, it might not be a perfect movie, but it's a fun one, and the kids had a great time making it. It's one heck of an accomplishment. If I had had more time and a heck of a lot more resources and equipment, I'm sure it'd be more professional looking. But as it stands, I didn't, so I'm proud of what I feel is the best we could get with what we had.

So with roughly 3.5 hours of footage, I was able to make a roughly 37 minute short film. And here you are. Please enjoy "Odyssey: The Remix."

For those who know anything about the Odyssey, this film spans the following parts and characters:

"Leaving Troy"
The Lotus Eaters
Polyphemus, the cyclops
Tiresias, the blind prophet
The Sirens
Scylla and Charybdis
Helios' Cows
Penelope and the Suitors

Here you go:

Odyssey: The Remix from Nicholas Jobe on Vimeo.

And here are some bloopers:


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