Film Production Diary: Day 8.

Um... yeah. So, today we got a couple things done. We got a small part of one scene done and the entirety of another (which turned out really cool, and probably one of the best acted in the movie... which is good, considering it's part of the climax).

But the two big scenes we planned on doing today (a reshoot of the first couple scenes we did) couldn't happen because the girl needed for the scenes was sick and had to go to the doctor right after school.

So on Monday, if we're to finish this, we'll need to do those two quick scenes, another full scene, and then the rest of the 'choir' scene that's proving to be the most difficult one to get for the whole movie (come Monday, it'll be the fourth time to attempt it. The first was the Friday before Christmas break. The second was yesterday where I got the girls' portion. And the third was today, where we got a small bit, but nothing major).

I figure y'all will totally be able to tell which scenes I did earlier in the production and which ones I did later, mostly because you'll be able to notice how I learned how to film things as I went along (as well as better/different angles and such).

But one thing is for sure... I really enjoy the action scenes. They're fun to do.

Still... I want to be done with this movie already. For such a small production, this is like... never-ending. And I know my main actors are getting frustrated having to stay after school so much. But here's crossing my fingers that Monday will be the last. So... until then!

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