10 Movie Facts About Me.

I usually don't do memes here (I think I've done one or two in the past). But I figured this one was interesting enough. This meme is essentially listing 10 movie facts about yourself, in no real particular order.

1. I've had 2 relatives appear in films. My grandfather had speaking roles in both Terms of Endearment and Cloak and Dagger, while one of my cousins was a background extra (though visible) in 2 different scenes of Miss Congeniality.

2. By the end of May, I'll have made (and acted in) 2 movies. They are school projects with my students, one being a modern adaptation of The Odyssey, and the other being a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

3. The first movie I ever bought with my own money (albeit allowance money, but still) was a VHS copy of The Mask with Jim Carrey.

4. To copy a few other people's lists, I've never seen a movie more than 4 times in theater. The first movie I saw 4 times was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, then Order of the Phoenix, then Half-Blood Prince. Side-Note: I saw the first two films in theater twice each... in fact, the only HP film I only saw once in theater was Prisoner of Azkaban.

5. The 3 earliest movies I can remember watching in my life are, in no particular order, Little Shop of Horrors, Howard the Duck, and Milo & Otis (though I'm sure there were others)... which really kinda explains me. I might even toss Harry and the Hendersons, Spaceballs, and Ghost in there.

6. The first movie I remember seeing in theater by myself (without any kind of adult supervision) was Harriet the Spy. I can't say for certain it was the first, but it's the one I remember.

7. If you don't count The Passion of the Christ (which I haven't seen since theater), the first foreign-language film I ever saw in theater was Pan's Labyrinth, mostly because they hardly ever come here.

8. I believe the first movie I saw where I realized I had seen something special, which in turn made it really the first movie that made me aware of the greatness of movies in general and how they can be more than just entertainment, was when I first saw The Matrix in theater... I would have been about 13 years old or so. However, there were two other films that made me start seeing film from a more psychological angle rather than visual--one before The Matrix and one after. The one before: David Fincher's The Game. The one after: Vincenzo Natali's Cube.

9. I once went to the movies with Strep Throat. The movie? Space Jam. I also once had to nearly get on my hands and knees to beg my mother to let me go see a certain movie because she was morally/religiously against it. The movie? Dungeons and Dragons. Side Note: As with almost everything she had been morally/religiously against, once she experienced it for herself, she realized it wasn't as bad as she had originally believed (at least in the way she was expecting. You know... Satan).

10. There are quite a few "best movies ever made" classic films I have never seen. Here are 10: Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Schindler's List, The Godfather Part II (though that's on my DVR), Seven Samurai (which is on my Netflix Instant Streaming Queue), Lawrence of Arabia, North by Northwest (or any Hitchcock film, to be totally honest), Chinatown, Gone with the Wind, and A Clockwork Orange (again, on my DVR).

Some Runner-Ups (or other, minor things):

*There are two series that I've always seen, and will continue to see, on opening day: Harry Potter and Saw.

*The only movie I've ever been physically embarrassed for having seen in theater after the movie ended was Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li... and this includes Eragon and both Twilight movies released thus far.

*My family ended up with 2 VHS copies of Aladdin--my dad, my sister, and I bought a copy after it had first come out, just on a whim. My mom was working late that night. When she came home, we were around the TV watching it... and in her hand was a brand new copy of Aladdin, having decided to buy it on a whim.

*There are only a handful of movies I've seen at a midnight release, including but not limited to WALL*E, X-Men 3, and one of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels (can't remember which one, if not both).


I know we're supposed to tag people with this, but there's really only one person that I know of who hasn't been tagged that I read on a regular basis, and that's Dylan of Blog Cabins.


  1. So you were on of the five people who saw that Street Fighter flick in theaters?

  2. Hey man, I was tagged in the original post, fool. And I done did it (I know, this post came somewhere in between, I'm just way behind in my reading).

    Way to beat my relatives-in-film angle.

    See - you just need to see Azkaban more to appreciate it better!

  3. Dylan: Oh, I've seen Azkaban plenty of times. I've grown to appreciate it for its aesthetics... but I've grown to dislike it even more for epically failing at its overall purpose of existence.


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