Podcast: The Demented Encyclopedia #4 - The One Where Travis Does Christopher Walken.

I'd tell you what this episode is about, but I really don't remember much past the ending. I think we covered the topic of Found Footage films, as well as the usual Reality Round-Up... but really, this episode is truly about Travis' impression of Christopher Walken. I'll just leave it at that.

We start things off with about 4 minutes of plugs. I plug Rachel's Reel Reviews for reaching its 3rd year anniversary, while Travis plus his own blog's Christopher Walken Appreciation Month, as well as the Simon and Jo Film Show podcast (which had, in turn, previously plugged us. It's like "Adaptation." up in here).

Then for the next 27 minutes, we cover our thoughts on Found Footage films, including such titles as Cannibal Holocaust, Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, REC, and more! And then we're all shown up yet again by Rachel, who isn't even here this time, by her summing up (in the D-Bag) the entire last half hour of the podcast in about 1 paragraph.

We take a little extra time in Reality Round-Up this week to expand on a few thoughts, but it only stands at a total of 19 minutes. We discuss Rob vs. Russell in Survivor, as well as the comeback kid that is Colby. Then we switch to American Idol (where there's also a bit of comeback kid in Andrew).

In this week's "Recommend A..." (3 minutes), Travis recommends a nerd-band called ALL CAPS, while I discuss the YouTube sensation, ImprovEverywhere (*I know I said ImprovAnywhere in the podcast... my bad).

And finally we wrap things up with the Monologues of the Week. Travis shows us his amazing (?) Christopher Walken impression for his reading of "The Watch" scene in Pulp Fiction, while I just cry because I can't legitimately follow that up, but at least it allows me to attempt "The Apology" scene from The Blair Witch Project. And that's it for this week!

Thanks goes out to Kevin MacLeod's Imcompetech Website for the music. As always, you can use the player above to listen to the podcast, or you can search iTunes, where we are also available for download. Also, please become a Fan on Facebook... then you can give us your input for the podcast and will probably end up on the show during the D-Bag segment. But as for now... enjoy!


  1. *sigh* I realize my Walken sucks badly but if I was ever gonna do it I should do it now. Maybe I should do my demon voice in the next one lol =p

  2. Thanks for the plug guys! Haven't listened to it yet, but I'm about to go grocery shopping where I always wear headphones so strangers don't try to chat me up.

  3. Mike: lol... just the monologues or... everything in general? :P


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