Idol Chatter: The Live Blog #8.2: The Top 8/9 (Results Show).

[I wanted to do this last season, but I got the idea a few episodes too late. I do admit, I watch American Idol. I really didn't start until a couple years ago, though (my mom was a much bigger fan). Similar in style to the Live Survivor Blog over at Blog Cabins, Idol Chatter (pun and all) will be a play by play of the episodes and what I think of what's happening. For those that don't know, just continually refresh this page to get new updates as the show goes on.]

It's time for the results! OK, so it's time for like... 3 performances and about 10 seconds of results. But Big Mike was saved last week, so that means 2 people are going home tonight. And hey, Adam Lambert is singing tonight, which should be fun (unless he's singing his overly played song from the radio). Anyway, I think the Bottom 3 tonight are gonna be Aaron, Andrew, and (maybe) Katie, with Aaron and Andrew going home.

8:00: The overly dramatic recap (they're even doing operatic choir symphony-esque music.

8:01: "This... is American Idol."

8:02: Apparently Brooke White is back tonight, too... and some other guy I don't think I've ever heard of.

8:03: Haha... Ryan called Simon "SiCo" (read: Psycho). That's great. Anyway, the Top performers... well... perform. They're doing an Elvis medley. Not blown away by it, really. It just seems like everyone is being held back from their full potential on this group performance.

8:10: Oh, sorry... I just completely ignored the Ford music video. Getting to the results.

8:12: Casey stands up first. Aaron stands up, too. Andrew stands up. This worries me. All three guys move to the center of the stage. This worries me more.

8:14: Holy crap, that was fast. He just straight-up told Andrew he was gone. And Aaron is safe! Lame! That kinda worries me, too. Well... at least I was half right with Andrew being gone. Really, though, that was the only one I was sure of. I knew if two people were going tonight, one of them had to be Andrew.

8:16: He just finished singing his goodbye song.

8:21: Ryan pimps out Idol Gives Back yet again. I'm gonna take this time to surf the internet.

8:25: OK, getting back to... performances. Brooke White and some guy named Justin Gastin (sp), the former being a previous contestant and the latter the star of an internet show. Surprise, surprise, Brooke White starting off at the piano. This performance isn't blowing me away, either. Though at least they're not using voice modifications or anything. That Justin guy is either just really into the song or super nervous, because his mic hand is shaking like crazy.

8:34: Back to the show. Let's get to some results. Ryan asks for the entire bottom row to join him on stage. This should be interesting. Lee's being spoken to first (such passivity in that sentence!). Next is Siobhan. Katie. Big Mike... who gets a big applause (no pun intended). Crystal... who also got a big applause. Tim... with decent applause.

8:38: Crystal is safe. Siobhan is safe. Ryan tells Lee that he had sung the song Chris Daughtry sang the week he was eliminated... then makes him walk with him. But he's safe. This leaves Tim, Mike, and Katie.

8:43: Next week the contestants will be choosing "Inspirational Songs" with a mentor of Alicia Keys. And speaking of mentors, Adam Lambert is now singing... you guessed it... the incredibly over-played "What Do Ya Want From Me?" But at least it seems he's changed it up a bit here. Maybe it'll be better than the radio version. I like the spiraling green smoke. Oh yeah, this is definitely better than the radio version. At least... until the song picked up to sound just like the radio version, but sung live. Awesome light show, though. I expected him to do one of his famous "big notes" (like Siobhan) there at the end, but he toned it down. Oh well.

8:53: Alright, back with Tim, Mike, and Katie. One is going to safety right now. That person is... Tim. I'm guessing Big Mike to go home? It would make sense. Matt went home the next week after he was saved last season. And the person leaving is...

8:55: Katie? Huh. And Big Mike was apparently not even in the Bottom 3. Well, I was 2 for 3 with the bottom. Poor Katie. She's trying to sing "Let It Be," but is choking up too much to get through the song... well, to get through it well, anyway.

8:58: The goodbye video for both contestants leaving.

Final Thoughts: I'm not hating who went home. No ultimate surprises here. Maybe Aaron will go next week? We'll see. So... yeah. See y'all next week for "Inspirational Songs" week, which has the amazing potential to be incredibly cheesy. Oh, and how can I forget? Idol Gives Back is next week, as well. Later!


  1. I AM a bit surprised that Aaron did NOT go home but I'm glad Andrew and Katie did. I liked Katie and Andrew but I knew they would go home eventually.

    If the trend continues the way it has this SHOULD be how it goes:

    Aaron goes home next week (unless he does something just mind blowing)
    Then Tim
    Then Mike
    Then Casey
    Then Lee or Siobhan
    Then the other one
    Then Crystal probably winning

    Granted I would PERSONALLY rather see Lee win or Siobhan win (mostly Lee though), the audience and the general voting public will probably make sure it is Crystal.

  2. I agree with that rundown. But I dunno. With the way Siobhan has been going, I'm wondering if it could look more like this:


    But I'm pretty sure we're gonna see a Lee/Crystal finale. And at that point, I would care which one won, because both are going to be big sellers. However, I'd like Crystal to win more simply because she's not your typical Idol winner. In fact, she's *really* different from any other winner of Idol thus far (and in more ways than one), and I'd like her to win just for that reason.

    But Lee winning would be a great underdog story.


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