R2D2... The One With Poll Results And New Blog Information.

I know this is pretty late, but I refuse to post more than 2 things per day. The poll results are in! In the poll, I asked you which of the spin-offs from my 10 Potential Character Spin-Offs list you'd like to see most. And I was surprised. Not only surprised, but shocked.

According to the poll, most people preferred the spin-off that I not only cared about the least, but that I actually put the least amount of thought and effort into creating. That option, of course, was the "Steve the Pirate" spin-off, with a grand total vote count of 3. Coming in second place was a Jane Lynch spin-off from Role Models with "Saving Sturdy Wings." There were even a few more people in comments after the poll had closed suggesting they would like to see that one, as well.

Also, according to post-poll comment, it was suggested that the McLovin! spin-off would be the most marketable (and probably most profitable), though there was a surprising amount of love for Uncle Rico of Napoleon Dynamite. I think the biggest disappointment was that nobody seemed to like my 2 personal favorites, the Clerks 2 "Elias" spin-off, as well as the Role Models "Kuzzik" spin-off. Oh well. Thanks for your thoughts, guys!


Now, in a bit of unrelated news, I have decided to begin a second blog. I've tried this type of blog before, and it didn't go too far, but I'm trying again. This blog is to showcase my creative writing and anything I have to say about the subject of writing in general. On the blog, entitled Breaking the Meta-Wall (or BMW for short), you will find a plethora of information on my past and/or current novels... and eventually some articles on writing.

If any of this interests you, you may find this new blog by clicking here. I hope to see you over there! I always love to hear comments (that can go for this blog, too... hint hint!).


  1. You and your acronyms...silly Nick.

  2. Haha... I actually didn't mean to come up with BMW on purpose. It took me hours to come up with Breaking the Meta-Wall. And after I did, I was like "Hey! BMW! Awesome!"


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