TV Meme: Day 29 - Current Show Obsession.

Day 29's "current show obsession" was a no-brainer. Even going by yesterday's "collector" definition of obsession, I still found this one easy. My current show obsession is none other than True Blood.

I wasn't sure what I was going to think about this show before I started watching it. But I almost immediately loved it. The characters are fun. The stories are interesting. The acting is good (though I know some people are annoyed by some of the southern accents). And you get to see Anna Paquin naked. Bonus! The best thing? It's better than Twilight (though that's not very difficult).

Also, you may be wondering what I've collected from the show. OK, so it's not much. I actually just own the first four books in the series the show is based on, though I was having trouble getting through even the first book due to already knowing everything that was gonna happen. Oh well.

Still, True Blood is definitely my current show obsession. I would have even watched it a couple weeks ago while I was gone on vacation if I hadn't been sharing space with my elderly, uber-conservative grandmother. That would have been awkward... especially considering it was the episode when this happened:

Yeah... that would have been awkward.

As a side note... watch that same scene here, but there's been a bit of an addition near the end that's hilarious:


  1. I just watched the top video, and HOLY CRAP is that freakin' TWISTED! Um, major amount of crazy. Love the second video, and it's amazing how well it matched, LOL.

    Agreed about Anna Paquin. I thought S1 was decent, and need to watch S2 to make further judgement.

  2. I was watching that scene alone and found it awkward. So freaking weird!


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