TV Meme: Day 26 - Biggest Season Finale Shocker.

Warning: If you have not finished Season 4 of Dexter, do not read this post. It contains massive spoilers.


Well, obviously, I'm going to be talking about the season finale shocker of Dexter - Season 4 for Day 26 of this TV Meme. For a while I considered talking about the Battlestar Galactica season finale wherein you find out the "Final 5," as that was one of the most brilliant season finales I've ever seen... on many different levels. But I'm not exactly sure it was a major shocker, considering you saw quite a few of them coming prior to the reveal.

Instead, I'm going to talk about this shocker of a finale, which I didn't see coming until maybe moments before it was revealed. Again, if you haven't seen the end of Season 4, do not continue reading... unless you just want some pretty big spoilers. Anyway, here goes...

Rita takes the kids out of town on a trip while Dexter stays back. He tells the wife that he has to finish up work, and he'd catch up with her later. The truth is that he had to have his final showdown with the Trinity Killer. So after finally catching and killing John Lithgow, Dexter makes his way home. He checks the messages on his cell phone, hearing Rita's message that she had to come home to get her I.D., which she left behind, but that she'd meet him at their vacation spot later. Dexter goes to call Rita's phone, but hears it ringing in their home. This leads him on a search through the house where he finds Rita dead in the bathtub, killed by Trinity just like his other cycles. He also finds his baby son Harrison in a pool of his mother's blood, crying, just like what happened to Dexter when he was young, which is what turned Dexter into a killer himself. The end.

Talk about a crazy ending. What makes it so brilliant is its unexpectedness. In the past seasons, you knew exactly how it would end. Dexter killed the big bad guy and got away unscathed, to move on happily with his life. But this time, the big bad guy was one step ahead and royally fucked him over, killing his wife and scarring his son.

And that's my season finale shocker.

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