R2D2... The One With Another Apology And Schedule Change.

OK guys, last time, I swear.

School is killing me this year. Second year is supposed to be easier, but the new way they have us teaching the kids is making even 30-year+ teachers feel overwhelmed and exhausted. I hardly even have time to think about the blog (or the Vlog) throughout the week, much less write anything for it. I'll try to do the best I can, but I can't promise much.

That being said, I'm gonna have to remove the majority of my "weekly schedule" and just say... when I have time to post a review or an article, I'll do it. I will promise, however, that you will receive a new Vlog every Sunday. But I can't keep holding to even my 3-posts-a-week promise that I made (sad, huh?).

For some random updates...

- I finished Arrested Development, so expect a Series Review hopefully sometime in the near future.

- I guested on Univarn's Film Enigma Game Show Podcast, so that'll be up soon (I'll post it up when it is).

Yeah... that's about it. Sorry again... expect something in the near future.


  1. Given any thought to moving away from podunk Texas for a teaching job elsewhere? Maybe you wouldn't hate teaching as much in a different (better?) locale?

    Just a thought.

  2. Not particularly. Honestly wouldn't want to move away from family and friends.


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