Two Movies I Want, But Will Never Happen.

There are two movies that I would love to exist, but I know they never will. One was pseudo-promised within the first film, and the other became such a massive rumor that it had to be dispelled by the director.

The first film, of course, is Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money. As Yogurt declares at the end of his segment of the film, they might all meet up again one day in the aforementioned sequel. Everybody's too old (or dead) now to pull it off right anymore, but wouldn't it have been amazing had they actually made it? The Spaceballs having to escape from the Planet of the Apes and attempt to reconstruct their empire, etc.?

The second film is the Shaun of the Dead sequel/spin-off, From Dusk Til Shaun. The title is perfect. The setup is perfect. Everything about the possibility of this movie is absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, Edgar Wright declared that they didn't need to go back to the horror genre, as they felt they paid enough respects with Shaun. It's really too bad, as it could have been amazing. I guess I'll just continue waiting for the third blood and ice cream movie...

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