Random Ramblings of a Demented DoorVlog #6.

This is a pretty short episode, despite me practically working on it all day. The visual trick to the skit isn't that great due to lighting, but I still think it's pretty funny regardless.

Also, I got requests for more Winston and a bit of variation on my Bill/Sookie bits, so that's what you got. I also included a couple random bits from last week's that I cut to pad it a little.

This episode might split some people due to subject matter, but oh well. Today was a busy day and this is the best I got. So I hope y'all enjoy, and lemme know what y'all think! If any of y'all have any suggestions or recommendations for future episode, leave those in the comments as well.


  1. This was pretty funny. I don't know the song you used but it was catchy and I liked you doing it in that dude's voice. Good job!

  2. The song is from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

  3. Loved it!!! I'm a little worried that you own a pink shirt (I really thought it was a girl until the blip uncovered her face), but you played Sookie really well too.

  4. AHAHAHA! Love that song! That was awesome! Love the part where Sookie's face isn't on you so it looks like Bill is singing to Nick...
    That's a relationship I'd watch on TV.

  5. Never before have I thought it possible that True Blood and Dr. Horrible could become one so seamlessly, but it IS possible.


  6. Thanks guys!

    Jess: According to my mother, the shirt is salmon or peach or something like that. But I agree it's pink. (She bought it for me ages ago for like... a family Easter picture or something.)

    I do actually own a pink shirt, though. It's a dressier, button-down one. But I bought it for a Halloween costume thing and haven't worn it since.

  7. I'm here, but there's no video there....anyone else having this problem?

  8. Yay - I finally saw it!

    Having still not watched Doc Horrible and not being a TB watcher, a bit of this was lost on me, but..Winston!

    Nice change of pace episode. Gotta mix it up every now and then.


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