Random Ramblings of a Demented DoorVlog S2.6.

Here's episode S2.6.

This episode actually does not reference anything from Season 1 except for the fact that DPR is not in any of the latter episodes prior to the finale.

Last time on The Vlog: DPR is on an unpaid, extended vacation after Nick blames him for all the crazy stuff happening. That's pretty much all you need to know.

This is probably the only episode this season that doesn't blatantly reference Season 1. But don't take that to mean there's no plot continuance. Actually, this episode introduces us to my next guest character! It also introduces a new character of my own. It's strange--last week I thought I was gonna have too much footage and would have to scale back, but I ended up being short. This week I didn't think I was gonna have enough and I ended up almost at limit. Strange how that happens. Anyway, this is the episode that really kick-starts the plot... or at least turns on the engine. Starting next week, things will slowly start being revealed up through the finale.

Anywho, enjoy!


  1. Awesome as always! I can't wait to see more with that guy at the end. What a talented actor, lighting that prop and whatnot!

  2. Indeed... (the prop lighting actually took 2 takes. I have the proof).

  3. Scott Pilgrim and Easy A are the last two Blu-Rays I bought and watched. There's your real similarity between the two.

  4. Dylan: Figured you'd only comment on the last guy :P .

    Rachel: Indeed :) .

  5. Sorry, I realized I missed last week. Just caught up. I love, love, love, unexcited Steve. He's awesome.

  6. Jess: At least somebody does! Dylan told me he didn't like Unexcited Steve at all.

  7. First off ... this is a nightmare watching these by phone ...

    Secondly, Dylan/fletch/Mr cabin looking so bad ass with a cigarette... you know they are dangerous.

    Loving the cameos ... I am hooked...


  8. Yay Simon! Sorry about the phone thing. I know we've talked about the other stuff. And yeah, I know the cigarette=cool thing is cliche, but I knew he smoked, and it was too good an opportunity to pass up.


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