Random Ramblings of a Demented DoorVlog S2.7.

Here's episode S2.7.

This particular episode references basically the entirety of Season 1. It also refers to the week-long break in between episodes 7 and 8. This is what you need to know...

Previously, in Season 1 of The Vlog: Nick has faced many obstacles: the loss of his voice in a silent movie skit, being stuck in a never-ending time loop, having to face a lava-covered floor while speaking in a Japanese-style dubbing, dealing with Bill becoming depressed over breaking up with Sookie, and taking a week-long break off from The Vlog. And when he returned, he started being attacked by a stuffed penguin that led up to a big showdown...

Last time on The Vlog: Throughout the season, DPR has been taking care of strange occurrences, even getting a little help here and there. Forced into an unpaid break, however, DPR contacts a super-hacker to look into someone named JS--a set of initials that had been written on his hand when he woke up in the apartment at the beginning of the season.

For the first time on The Vlog, I'm hardly in it! This episode is actually largely consisting of not one, but TWO guest characters. The episode is slightly longer than usual, but it goes by really fast. Both guests gave me multiple takes of everything, so I got to have a lot of fun mixing and matching in editing, which was excellent (so even they don't know exactly how it's gonna go). Not to mention they only got their halves of the script, so they have no idea what the other is gonna do. And I might say, it turned out fantastic. Coincidentally, if you place the DPR segments of this season in the timeline of the first season, this one falls directly in the spot where I took a week break, so it makes a strange kind of sense that I'm not in this episode much, and when I am, it's just as DPR (it's almost like "Nick" is taking yet another break).

Special thanks to my guests and their wonderful improv skills, even adding bits of their own here and there.

Anywho... I'll stop talking now, so... enjoy!


  1. Dylan is very Mission Impossible and Jason was hysterical! Great episode. Glad I didn't turn out to be JS.

  2. Wow...that was epically awesome!

  3. Easily my favourite episode yet (not because you're barely in it Nick :P), and I ought to know seeing as I just watched the entire series. This thing is getting thrilling!!!

  4. Thanks, Tom! Glad I got a new viewer/fan!


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