The Knobbies #3 - Winners!

Here y'all go! It's time for the winners of the third edition of The Knobbies! And after a little prodding, I actually got more votes for this one than the other two! My previous highest was 7 people. This one got 8. Exciting! (And kind of sad.) But here are the results...

Movies you'd most like to see a full-length version of with Nic Cage

With a total of 8 votes... we ended with a tie!

3 votes each for The Dark Knight and The Room! In second place, we had 2 votes for Mortal Kombat. No votes for The Princess Bride.


Best Kai Outfit

Also with 8 votes and a tie, 4 votes went to both the Zebra Snuggie and the Panda Hat/Yoshi backpack (though my personal vote goes for the latter).


Biggest Season 4 Shock (Spoilers!)

8 votes... and NO tie!

In first place, with 5 votes... Sheep's death! In second place, with 2 votes, Cokie being at Nick's door. And in third place, Rachel killing Jess.


Best Improv

This one got only 7 votes for some reason, but it's a not-even-close winner!

And that winner is, with 4 votes... Kai's "You hit me in the ball!"/"You got the other one" moments in the finale.


Worst Impression/Accent in Season 4

8 Votes and another tie.

The winners are, with 3 votes each... Dylan as Nic Cage as Vizzini and Dylan as Nic Cage as Wiseau. I have to say, I'm kinda shocked at the Wiseau, which I thought was pretty great. Maybe not enough Cage in the Wiseau? Who knows...

But second place goes to Steve's Fake Cajun.


Favorite Body Switched Character

8 Votes and a single winner...

Nic Cage (in Dylan's Body)! As if there would be any other...

There was a tie for second, both of them being Tom (either Barry in Nigel's body or Nigel in Barry's). And third went to Jason (in Sheep's Body).


Favorite Other Character

It's a pattern, it seems. 8 votes and a tie.

In first place, with 3 votes each, are Sebastian and Kai!

And in second place is The VooDoo Man.


Best Part of Season 4 Finale

Too many ties, dang it! 8 votes, and both winners with 3 each...

Mortal Kombat segment and Nolahn's Shameless Self-Promotion.

In second place is another tie, Sheep's sad montage and Sebastian turning evil.


Favorite Non-Story Time Episode (Excluding the Finale)

7 votes and no tie... with 3 votes, the winner is....

Episode 10: The Return! (Where Barry and Nigel switch back to normal and I do a ton of dog puns)

In a tie for second, all with 1 vote each, episodes 1, 2, and 8. No love for episode 6, apparently.


Favorite Story Time Episode

And we're back to 8 votes and a tie. The winners, with 3 votes each...

Episode 7: The Room and Episode 9: A Vlog Renewed (I honestly thought it would have gone to the latter due to all the love it got during its premiere).

Second place went to Episode 3: The Dark Knight.


Least Favorite Season 4 Episode

See, this is a strange one. With a total of 6 votes... a grand total of 2 went to this winner...

Episode 10: The Return (Where Barry and Nigel switch back to normal and I do a ton of dog puns).

Yeah... it's both the favorite AND least favorite episode of the season. Second place is a tie between episodes 3, 6, 8, and 9 (some of which were voted for in the 'favorites' categories, which adds to confusion). Oh well.


Favorite Overall Season 4 Episode (Excluding the Finale)

And yet... more stuff that makes no sense. 8 votes total. 3 of them go to the winner...

Episode 9: A Vlog Renewed! Which was not the sole winner of the favorite Story Time episode category.

In second place we have... Episode 10: The Return. And in third, there's a tie with episodes 3, 4, and 7.


Favorite Vocal Performance

A runaway winner. 8 votes, and 7 of them went to...

They were both awesome. Yay for both James and Nolahn!

And in second place, with 1 vote, is just Nolahn. (Sorry, James?)


Favorite Story Time Performance (Dylan)

8 votes. Tie with 3 each.

Dylan/Cage was The Joker and Dylan/Cage as Johnny (The Room).... which, again, the latter performance won one of the worst impressions category.

Second place goes to a tie of Vizzini and, shockingly, Nick (with a k).


Favorite Story Time Performance (Not Dylan)

8 votes and another runaway win. 7 of them go to...

Upset Sebastian. Yay, Sebastian!

1 vote went to Nolahn in A Vlog Renewed.


Favorite Comedic Actor in Season 4

8 votes and a single winner with 4 votes...

Kai! Congrats!

Second place has a tie between Dylan and Sebastian.


Best Actor in Season 4

Now, the one you've all been waiting for... with 8 votes and a single win (4 votes)...


Second Place: Sebastian
Third Place (tie): Nick and Kai



What was your favorite moment this season?

Only 4 people put anything. Here's what was said:

"Nolahn's self-promotion made me laugh quite hard."
"What happened to Sebastian imitating Jason for 2 seconds. That was hilarious!"
"The final fight between Dylan and Kai."
"Filming the Kai/Dylan fight." (lol)


What was your least favorite moment this season?

Again, only 4 people. Here's what was said:

"Poor, poor sheep!"
"There wasn't one, and I'm a big 'ol softie!"
"When it was all over. (Aww!)"
"One-sentence Reviews."

I wasn't aware my OSR's were disliked! I'll keep that in mind.


Who do you think will die in Season 5 (the final season)?

Most people (4 votes) actually think James and Nolahn's voices will die. In second place (3 votes), people think Nick, Kai, and Sebastian are going to die. In third place (2 votes), people think Jason, Barry, and Cokie will die. And in fourth place (1 vote), somebody thinks Dylan, The VooDoo Man, and Rachel are going to die. Nobody believes everyone is safe.


  1. Don't be surprised by the confusing turnout - just like the Vlog itself, the Knobbies are confusing with so many overlapping categories. :D

  2. I am proud to have contributed my part to what was seen as both the best and worst episode.

  3. Nolahn deserves it. That man has a silky golden voice, the kind of voice I'd kill a small animal for...but not a Sheep. Unlike Nick.

    1. You are too kind, sir. I look forward to then inevitable suicide pact our voices make Season 5.


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