Post #1000!

You can expect the next 50/50 Review later today... but I just wanted to put this in here now. So... yeah, this is my 1000th post at R2D2! This is going to be a big year for me here. Besides this 1000th post, this December will be my 5th year. I'll get through the 5th season (and second year) of The Demented Podcast. I'll wrap up The Vlog with Season 5. (And hopefully get a Vlog Movie together.) I'll wrap up the 50/50 series, as well as the video game movie series. And, of course, I have some other big things up my sleeve.

But I won't share those other big things... just yet. Thanks to all my readers who have allowed me to post 1000 times (and counting). Y'all are great!


  1. Your welcome. =) ...and congrats to hitting 1000 posts.

  2. You da man, Nick. Happy to be a small part of it.

  3. Congrats! Drinks are on me! (Good thing none of us live close enough for me to stick to that.)

    1. Or that Nick doesn't drink. ;)

      "Thanks to all my readers who have allowed me to post 1000 times"

      Nick, I will allow you to keep posting. Well, at least a few hundred more times. After that, get back to me. Congrats!


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