The Vlog: Season 4 "Demented" Commentary.

About a month ago, I got the idea to do a commentary with the cast of Season 4 of The Vlog. Some accepted the offer; others declined; and at least one just couldn't be there due to timing issues. But one Friday evening, I got together with Dylan, Kai, Jason, Sebastian, and Steve to record the Vlog's first-ever commentary track. We had a lot of fun doing this, and now... it's finally available to watch and/or listen to!

I had to cut out a few things for time (and sanity) sake, but there's a lot of interesting stuff here! Behind-the-scenes stories, some 'making of' explanations, our favorite moments, a lot of jokes, and more! Note: I've split it up into 5 parts for your convenience.

Warning... There's a lot of hilarious awesomeness here! Enjoy.

Introductions and Episodes 1 and 2.

Episodes 3, 4, and 5. (Note... episode 4 has some audio issues due to technical difficulties, but it's still listenable and only lasts a short time.)

Episodes 6 and 7.

Episodes 8, 9, and 10.

Episodes 11 and 12.


  1. Awesome--this was a lot of fun to do, and yes, I did make it all the way through.

  2. "Hilarious awesomeness," indeed! And yes, I too made it all the way through.

    I particularly enjoyed you all bickering through the review of GRAVE INTENTIONS (in general, there should be more bickering on commentary tracks), and am somewhat relieved/disappointed that Kai's wardrobe (which deserves its own Knobbie) isn't his everyday-wear.

    Just wish you guys would've at least mentioned me in passing...

    1. Yeah... not quite sure why your name never came up. I guess we just forgot about you.

    2. Who the hell is this Nolahn guy, and why is he commenting here?

  3. Aw shit - I didn't even see that this was out already! Exellent! Though, can you send me a DVD with all of them? ;)

    Actually, I'm only half-kidding...that actually would be really cool. In fact, if you can tell me how you rip vids off YouTube, I could probably make it myself.

    1. A DVD with every season? Or just the commentary? If it's the latter, it might have to be a collection of DVDs, but I can do it. I'd probably have to do it considering all the episodes aren't on YouTube (I had to put some on other sites due to copyright/music issues). But if you just mean the commentary, you can get vids from YouTube with KeepVid (just google it).

    2. Just a single DVD with the eps/commentary as posted above. So, like an hour long or however long it was.

      I haven't watched any of the above yet (at work) - are you saying that you overlaid ALL of the original audio with the commentary stuff? Or does YouTube just not notice when it's deep in the background and being talked over? In other words, I'm wondering how you got all of these on YouTube when you couldn't get all of the original eps there.

    3. I don't think I had any problems THIS season with episodes being put on YouTube (just the trailer). But last season, the first episode had some music that YouTube wouldn't allow. But I don't think it notices sounds in the background, because I don't believe these vids got a copyright warning, which some of them did (but weren't muted).

      What I did was turned down the original volume on the videos, put the audio track of the commentary on top of it and turned that up a bit. That way you can hear the commentary without being drowned out by the video, but when we stop talking in spots, you can still hear the video. Just like a regular commentary, basically.

    4. Okay - that's all what I figured.

    5. And sorry, my first response should have been "if it's the former." I bet that made what I said confusing...


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