DVDs Or Death!

Yeah yeah... DVDs Or Death! (Yeah... this week is kinda... lame, almost).


Brief Synopsis: Smart Math Kid Counts Cards In Vegas.

I thought the premise was interesting, but I never got around to seeing it. From what I heard, I was better off, as the movie apparently sucked... bad.

Viewing Option:

Spaced: The Complete Series.

Brief Synopsis: British TV Series With Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz Crew.

Comments: I'm totally there. I saw a clip of this about a year ago and thought it was hilarious. I love these guys.

Viewing Option: Rent (There's very few TV shows I actually buy).


  1. Hey. I'm hosting a film blog-a-thon on my site:


    If you could post a link to it on your site that would be awesome. And feel free to participate!

  2. All things bow to Spaced. Thank God they're showing it again on BBC America, but they're cutting stuff out.

  3. Ha - I knew Mike would be here with a shout-out to Spaced. :) Apparently, I gots to see it.

    I'll wait for TV for 21. I like the general premise, but yeah, it got pretty blasted by just about everyone. For shame.


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