DVDs Or Death!

By God, it's been a month, but I will post a freakin DVDs Or Death!

88 Minutes.

Brief Synopsis: College Professor Gets Death Threat And Must Solve It In 88 Minutes Or Die.

Comments: Already saw this about a year before it even hit theater (no hyperbole there, folks. This movie was pushed back like nobody's business... which is exactly what it got in theater).

Viewing Option: Skip Altogether.


Brief Synopsis: Documentary About Old Folks Singing Rock/Punk Songs.

Comments: It looked... what's the word... cute. I might check it out at some point just for a few giggles.

Viewing Option: Rent or T.V.

Speed Racer.

Brief Synopsis: Live-Action (Sorta) Movie Version Of Classic Anime.

Comments: I was one of the few who saw this in theater... and as I said then, the only people saying bad things about this movie were people who didn't bother to see it. Every review I read from people who actually saw it have been incredibly positive (stuffy professional critics notwithstanding). This movie was freakin awesome.

Viewing Option: Buy.

Made Of Honor.

Brief Synopsis: Male Best Friend Becomes Maid Of Honor At Secret Love's Wedding.

Comments: Interesting concept, though it didn't get a bunch of good reviews. My mom and sister saw it and enjoyed it, though, and the only movies they ever turn their noses up at are, you know, good ones that require more than 'no brain'.

Viewing Option: T.V. or Skip.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Complete Book 3 Collection.

Brief Synopsis: The Final Season Of Great American Anime Series.

Comments: I wish I owned the first two seasons on DVD. Alas, no time or money. But yeah, this was one of my favorite shows ever, and it was actually fully completed within 3 seasons. Forget those shows nowadays that have to drag everything out for 8 seasons in which not much happens and every other season is only so-so... this show actually knows how to please and everything is done absolutely right. It only got better with every season, and with only 3 seasons, you don't have to wait forever to get the full story.

Viewing Option: T.V. Re-Runs or Eventual Buy (whenever I have time/money).


  1. Made of Honor an "interesting concept?" Methinks you're too kind.

    Okay already, I'll see Speed Racer.

  2. Whoo! My plan has succeeded! :P

    Yeah, just bought it (Speed Racer) today. That and The Forbidden Kingdom.

  3. Young@Heart is better than cute. You should rent it when you get the chance.

    I'll muster up the courage to put Speed Racer in my Q.


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