DVDs Or Death!

Monday = DVDs Or Death!


Brief Synopsis: The Beginning Of Football.

Comments: I'm not a big fan of sports films, and I heard this one isn't even too worth it on its own.

Viewing Option: T.V.

Run, Fat Boy, Run.

Brief Synopsis: A Portly Loser Gets In Shape To Run A Marathon And Win Back Love.

Comments: I really loved this movie in theater, and I love Simon Pegg, so I would really love to own this. And it's about time this came out, too! I've been waiting ages.

Viewing Option: Buy.

Sex and the City.

Brief Synopsis: Big Screen Version Of Small Screen, Estrogen-Filled Television Show.

Comments: Not a fan of the show, didn't see this in theaters, probably won't see it at home.

Viewing Option: Skip.

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