Film Production Diary: Day 10.

I say, "There's no way we can't finish the movie this week!" God says, "Haha, wanna bet?"

Today was just a maelstrom of issues. It started with the one guy forgetting his shirt (again). But we figured a solution to that... one of my other guys had a black shirt, and they'd just exchange shirts and the one would flip the black shirt inside out (to rid of the picture). Easy fix. Then, I discover that the one girl whose role we need to re-shoot is absent (again). Fine. OK. We can film the other stuff we have left. Easy.

But here's the real kicker. Right before my 7th period is about to start (the class I have 2 of my main guys in), my lead actor comes around the corner... his face covered in blood. He had gotten into a fight and got totally messed up (he didn't start the fight, either, apparently). So on top of the fact that his face is all bruised and his nose is broken, he'll probably be getting suspended for a few days. My hope is this: 1) they won't suspend him this week because we're about to start midterms tomorrow (they're even letting kids out of ISS, so I doubt they'll suspend him) and 2) one of my girls in 7th period can do wonders with makeup.

But he's also grounded, so I have no idea if his parents will even let him stay. It's a total mess.

And on top of all that, I don't think this other guy will be able to stay after school anymore for his role, because he keeps coming after school and we keep having to cancel, and he's been having to make special arrangements. Luckily, his role is faceless, so anybody in a pair of bluejeans can continue it.

So yeah... that's what happened today. Here's to hoping we can actually finish this damn thing.

On the upside... for those who haven't seen it yet, check out the post right below this one. I posted a movie trailer I made last night for the film.

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