Film Production Diary: Day 12.

It's finished! It's finally done! Hell to the yes! Well, OK, filming is done. I still have to edit in the new footage. But still, no more staying late after school (unless necessary)! No more worrying about if students will be there or not and/or if they brought what they needed to bring!

We filmed the 4 scenes we needed to, though parts were kinda tricky. Because my main guy got into a fight the other day, his face has bruises and whatnot that he didn't have in other parts of the movie... so I had to film it from angles that didn't show one side of his face. I also had to get another guy to do the "security guard" role (which is only feet, anyway), so hopefully you really can't tell.

We did almost have an issue, because they wouldn't let one of my students into the locker room to get his shirt, but luckily we got him another that he could just turn inside out. Oh, and we were racing my camera's battery, as it started running low toward the end. So that was fun.

Anywho, now it's time to finish editing this bad boy. I'll let you know as soon as it's available for viewing (if possible, I might upload it to YouTube tonight). So, until then...

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