Film Production Diary: Day 6.

I am freakin' exhausted... like, you have no idea. After a long day of high energy (that I had to muster from a place of non-existence) to play "Review Basketball" for 8 hours... I get to do some filming stuff.

It starts with a shot that should only last about 10 seconds, but it took us about 5 minutes to get through because people kept messing up and/or laughing for various reasons (like one of my students kept farting). But we eventually got through it. And this comes at the end of a scene that we filmed next.

Next was a big fight scene in a bathroom, which is going to have probably more bloopers than any other scene we've done. But I really liked a lot of the shots I did for this scene. Besides some cool angles, I felt at times like Paul Greengrass Jr. with some quick camera movements and shaky cam (not purposeful shaky cam... just trying to fit in all the action). But we had to hurry at the end because one of my main guys had to leave with his ride (another one of the guys there... who actually isn't one of my students, but replaced one who didn't show up... which actually worked, because this guy is playing a bully, and he's HUGE). Funny side note... I kept having teachers and janitors come up and ask what was going on in the bathroom, so I kept having to explain that I was making a movie... in the bathroom... got an odd look or two.

From there, I filmed the one girl's scene that I've been trying to film since last semester. But that was slightly rushed because another one of my guys (not in the scene, though) had to leave, but he had some stuff still up in my classroom. I gave him my keys, but the janitor wouldn't let him in for liability reasons, so we had to super rush through it.

All in all, I got 3 scenes completed today (2 total filmed today, and one shot added to another to finish it off). Oh, and a pretty big headache, but I suppose it comes with the territory.

Side Note: I wanted to say that, in editing yesterday's footage, I became a bit upset. I had some really cool shots, but I couldn't use them because they interfered with the continuity of the shot that preceded it. This happened twice, and it was very saddening.

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