Film Production Diary: Day 7.

Ugh. One of my guys (the same one who didn't bring his shirt the other day) had to go home early today because his mom threw her back out (or something to that affect)... so we couldn't film with my main guys yet again.

But I filmed the female's half of a scene because they were there, and this was the second time I've had two of the three girls there (the first time was the day before Christmas break when we couldn't get through the scene). It may have been a blessing in disguise, however, as it made it easier to film without the guys making the girls laugh. But I had to re-arrange my room and film it in there, as I didn't get signed up to use the auditorium for today like I wanted to. Oh well.

And tomorrow it's supposed to be like, super freezing out with rain and everything, so there's a high potential that many students won't even be at school. So on top of my one guy possibly not coming to school in order to stay home with his mom (not sure if that'll be the case or not), I have the weather issue.

I swear, it's like even God is against me ever finishing a movie. But I swear, it will be done! I only have a few scenes left...

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