Musical Monday: Let It Be - Across The Universe (#52).

I'm going to start a new weekly segment that will span the remainder of this year. It's not as intensive as my 60/60 List, so I'm not too worried. Every Monday, I'm going to be counting down my 52 favorite musical numbers from musical movies and TV shows. I should also mention that there will be multiple instances where there is more than one number from a particular movie.

The way I choose will involve a few different variables. First, of course, I have to like the song. Second, the visual of how the number is performed is most likely unique or fun. Third, both song and visual mixes well to create an exciting or powerful number. All of these things (and probably a few more) work together in creating what I feel are good-to-great musical numbers. That being said, the numbers at the top of the list are less exciting for me--but they might not be for you! It's also possible (as I know there are a few) where I don't actually care for the movie, but I just like or love that particular number. Now, let's get into the first number on the list.

Coincidentally, this is one of those I just mentioned where I don't particularly like the movie, but I enjoy the moment. It's a very sad and powerful moment that could almost be a short film unto itself on the pains of war and violence. It's a great song, of course, originating with The Beatles. But the visuals of a war-torn town and the deaths of those involved, then turning the song into a gospel type is appropriate. And here it is...


  1. Ya know it's funny, I'm right there with ya on Across the Universe. I'm a fan of Julie Taymor's work and I love a good number of the musical numbers in the film (even the trippy ones) but I just don't like the film as a whole...oh well.

    This song though gets me every time. The sincerity in the kids voice as he's singing mixed with the images of death (be it, as you said, a war torn town, the child's death or the news of a military loved one passing) as well as the gospel singer just get me.

    I had to keep telling myself "Keep it together...you won't cry." Fat lotta good that did.

  2. Good call, though I tend to prefer the slowed-down, Glee-jacked arrangement of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"

  3. Travis: Indeed.

    Hatter: That's a good version of that song, yeah. There will be some Glee on here eventually, though, no worries :P .

  4. I really like Across the Universe, but this is far from one of my favorites. Like Hatter, I prefer I Wanna Hold Your Hand, or Hey Jude.

  5. I like the song Hey Jude much more, but the visual for the movie for that song is really boring. It's just him walking down the street.


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