Random Ramblings of a Demented DoorVlog S2.5.

Here's episode S2.5.

This particular episode references Episodes 6 and 7 of Season 1.

Last time on The Vlog: DPR is on a bit of a hiatus from The Vlog after being put on mandatory, unpaid vacation, being blamed for all the bad stuff that'd been going on lately. So now he doesn't have all that much to do...

If you'll notice, I didn't put up a 'previously on' for the last season episodes, mostly because I want the intro to be a surprise. But if you really wanna know, you can check here. Also there, you'll find an updated list for the rest of the episodes of this season with a few hints and what's to come.

I actually thought this episode was going to be overly long, so I didn't script a whole bunch. Instead, it turned out to be a bit short, so I had to go back in and add a couple things. It's still about 40 seconds shy of the new maximum time limit, but overall it's the same length as most of the older vids (this one just includes credits time). And the end joke is one I've been waiting to do for at least a couple months now...

Anywho, enjoy!


  1. I love desk. Ah, very funny episode.

  2. That ending was fantastic. Probably my favorite episode...ever! The rare time where I loved all of the Bill stuff, and the video game classical stuff was great. How many takes did it take to get that right?

    Though...really, Nick? You own Ninja Assassin on Blu-Ray? :\

  3. Jess: Thanks!

    Dylan: Wow... your favorite episode ever is a Bill-heavy episode? That's crazy :P . I took me 2 times to get the song right. I got about halfway through it the first time and messed up, so I started over (which was the take you see). And yes, I own Ninja Assassin on Blu-Ray!


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