Random Ramblings of a Demented DoorVlog S2.9.

Here's episode S2.9.

This particular episode shows the aftermath of the Season 1 finale, but doesn't really reference anything else from the first season.

Last time on The Vlog: Throughout the season, DPR has been working to stop a bunch of crazy (sometimes magical) things plaguing the apartment. He's even gotten a bit of help here and there from a mysterious figure known only as RT. In the previous episode, we saw what went down behind the scenes in the Season 1 finale and ending where Nick stabs DPR, leaving him for dead. However, Bill--owing DPR a favor--comes in to help.

I suppose to make up for the fact that my last few have been longer than usual, this one is shorter than usual. However, we also finally get to see our next guest character, the mysterious "RT" who has been helping DPR throughout the season. Besides that wonderful performance, it's not too big of an episode on my end. It's mostly setting us up for the finale, which is coming in 3 weeks. That's right, folks. There are only 3 episodes left of the season! And I promise you, it will be a finale you won't soon forget. I already have some footage, and it's flippin' amazing. Everything is being kept top secret, even from those participating (their scripts were edited to include only what they needed to say, sometimes even removing the identities of those they're supposed to be talking to. And if anything was revealed through their own dialogue, they've been sworn to secrecy). It'll be a star-studded cast including not one, not two, not even three or four... but FIVE guest characters. Plus myself... and a few other surprises. So keep watching!

Anywho... enjoy!


  1. It's gettin' juicy! Love seeing all the guest spots pile up.

    The funny thing about your shutter joke - if there is such a thing - is of course that they aren't shutters. But I guess you gotta make do.

    So, DPR's a vampire now? I'd think he'd be pretty cool with that...

  2. DPR's not a vampire... he was given vampire blood, which cured and brought him back from near death. It's not really explicitly explained, but... yeah.

  3. LOVE RACHEL!!!! A lot to live up to...

  4. Jess: Oh, you'll be wonderful, I'm sure.

  5. Oh puns...how doth I love/loathe thee. But the curtains/shutter jokes were great...if not groan worthy. Also I don't know why but the "I'm on A Boat" ringtone just made me die laughing. It reminded me of my friends phone who went off in class and he had the bed intruder song. ah good times.

    Great to see an appearance by Rachel. Can't wait to see how this whole thing turns out.

  6. Its like the closest all us film bloggers can get to actually hanging out!it's great to see the bloggers in action!


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