The Demented Podcast #9 - MILDcast.

It's the last guest before the big Battle Royale, and what a guest it is! I'm joined by Kai Parker of The List and the MILFcast. He introduces himself to those who, for whatever reason, aren't already acquainted. Then we get into The Challenge. This was the actually second time in all 9 episodes thus far where we actually had to go back and redo The Challenge because we felt the first time wasn't good enough.

From there, we get into our main discussion where we talk about--what else?--boobs. Well, nudity in films in general... as well as some of our favorites. This isn't too bad of a misogynistic episode, though, ladies. Kai shows himself to have morals and show who he really is... on the inside. It's quite touching.

Then we get into The Demented Tower. Kai is the last person who can qualify for the Battle Royale--but does he do it? I'll just say that, at the end, he adds on to his chivalrous nature by proving himself a gentleman and a scholar and doing something quite noble. You'll have to listen and find out what!

On an interesting side-note, this episode had some of the biggest mess-ups I've ever had. Between having to redo The Challenge and messing up multiple times with my math all during The Tower, my head was a bit screwy throughout (and that's not even including some ringing phones and a break or two). Of course, none of you will ever hear any of that due to the magic of editing, so this is kinda pointless... but whatever! NOTE: I don't know how I missed this during my listen-through in editing, but I left in the beginning of one of the thousand attempts at giving Kai his score in one round of The Tower, so it sounds like I'm repeating myself briefly at one point. Just ignore it. Also, the reason Kai "loves that lemur" is because I had to keep going back and re-give him his stamina and score about 3 times as I suck at math.

Current Leaderboard (The Demented Tower):
1) Rachel - 179 Points
2) James - 135 Points
3) Hatter - 131 Points
4) Jess - 95 Points
5) Tom - 92.5 Points
6) Dylan - 90.5 Points
7) Jason - 33 Points
8) Travis - 32.5 Points

You can listen to this episode on the player below or by subscribing through iTunes.

That being said, enjoy! Thanks goes out to Kevin MacLeod's Incompetech website for great, royalty-free music. And thanks to Google for helping me find a website that will give me free video game audio samples.


  1. Woot! Every episode I'm scared of getting knocked down the list. Great episode - I was a little nervous about listening to an episode about boobs, but now that I know Kai's not a perv, it was pretty fun. Since I just watched it, all the nudity in Y Tu Mama Tambien is pretty interesting.

  2. Jess: I actually think you're the dark horse in the Battle Royale. I just went back and listened to your play of The Tower. You had the unfortunate position of being the first person ever to play The Tower. However, you did better than the majority of the players on 20 Questions. You did trip up on the second level, and I was pretty lenient on the "one guess per movie clue" rule with you. You got a "Flawless Victory" on the third level, getting it right on the first guess.

    You also would have gotten the bonus question right had you answered it, which would have put you in 2nd place.

    If I were a betting man and looking at how each game was played on those involved, disregarding the bonus rounds, the level of skill is as follows:

    1) James
    2) Tom
    3) Jess
    4) Rachel
    5) Hatter

    Now compare that to what the final leaderboard is:

    1) Rachel
    2) James
    3) Hatter
    4) Jess
    5) Tom

    It really shows how that bonus round can help or hurt you. And I think the only other person (If I can recall correctly) who did better than you without the bonus round is Dylan.

    Long story short... don't sell yourself short! Now that you really know what to expect, who knows how you'll play!

  3. I haven't even finished this episode yet, but it's my absolute favorite since Kai called me "hot."

  4. Good episode as always. Personally I reckon you should do away with the bonus question, seeing as it almost always comes down to luck.


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