Random Ramblings of a Demented DoorVlog S2.11 + S2.12 Promo.

Here's episode S2.11.

This episode pretty much is just setting up for the big finale next week.

Last time on The Vlog: DPR, who is now just Nick because he sent the other Nick into the past to become DPR (confused yet?), had originally hired a super-hacker named Dylan to find out information about Jason Soto and his plans. Dylan has been giving him information little by little. Meanwhile, DPR had to deal with magical issues that Jason was somehow inflicting upon them, and he got a little help from a witch known only as RT (who ended up sending them the time travel device to send Nick back in time in the first place). He still doesn't know Jason's ultimate plan--Plan 9--but he's got to find out soon... and do something about it.

Having already finished the Season 2 Finale by this point, this was the last episode I needed to film. I've officially wrapped on the season! Hooray! And man, did I try to make it a long one. The original cut was over 7 minutes long, and not all of that was plot. I had to cut two segments (a One Sentence Review and a bit where I'm just regular Vlogging for once) for time sake. This episode will also feature the last Completely Random Movie Comparison. There are two versions of it--maybe some day you'll get to see the alternate take. And I'm going to say now... this episode includes my favorite line I've ever written for this show thus far, and it's made even better by the person who performed it. That's all I'll say.

Anywho... enjoy!

Also! In honor of next weekend's Season 2 Finale, I've put together a promo trailer for the episode. I quite like it, myself. Anyway, the promo includes a lot of footage from previous episodes (including today's), but it also includes some never-before-seen footage from the upcoming finale. So without further ado, here it is:


  1. Epically awesome. And not just cause I'm in it;)

    I'm sure Kai was happy he got to say "rape" repeatedly.

  2. Tons of good stuff. Can't wait for the finale. How long's it gonna be?

    That might be my favorite Random Movie Comparison yet!

  3. Rachel: Thanks :P .

    Dylan: The finale is slightly over 12 minutes. And yeah, this movie comparison idea came from me taking forever just to think of something and, realizing this is the last one (at least of the season, depending on if I decide to continue it next season), thinking it would be funny to just not have one for once. I did come up with one eventually, though, which is the alternate take.

  4. So awesome. I think I've even figured out the finale! I think I know where I fit in. Can't wait. It's totally going to be awesome. Great promo too.

  5. OH man, can't wait for the finale.


  6. Sebastian: As long as you have a camera, I'll see what I can do.

  7. I has camera. It's attached to my computer, but it can adequately capture my hideously flawed complexion. We got the ingredients. Let's make lemonade!

  8. I do love rape!
    That was so epically awesome. You, sir, deserve a skittle! :) 8==D

  9. I don't think I laughed as hard in any movie last year as I did at Kai's "mind penis" line

    This is getting awesome. Aside from the story, I'm actually really enjoying seeing all these people who I talk to online all the time! If you've got room and are taking volunteers, I'd love to be involved in the next season as well!

  10. Tom: Awesome! Thanks. I'd love to have you on. I'll see what I can do.

    Yeah, Kai's "I can literally rape their mind... with my mind penis" was my favorite line I wrote the entire season. I thought it was perfect for him, and his delivery was superb.


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