R2D2... The One With Five Trailers.

I haven't posted anything in a couple days, I know... but just to appease everybody, here are some interesting trailers!

- First, we have the ever-so-popular (and newest) trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Even the music is epic!

- Now, this trailer for Fast and Furious is pretty cool... it shows how all the original cast are back, too... and there's just something about the music that pumps me up.

- Dragonball Evolution? Almost nothing like the show, but at least James Marsters is Piccolo... and to hear Goku powering up for the Kamehameha at the end is pretty fun.

- Is it just me, or is The Unborn actually looking to be a good horror movie? It's just so rare for that to happen these days (I think one of the last great horror movies to grace the silver screen was 28 Weeks Later... though I might be forgetting one). Maybe it's just the fact that Gary Oldman is in it that gives it some form of credibility. I mean, Gary Oldman wouldn't be in a crappy movie, right? ... right?

- Finally, I'll leave you with the newest of the trailers (next to the Dragonball one), Terminator Salvation. The full trailer just was released the other day, and it actually looks pretty good. It doesn't even look like it's being directed by a guy named McG. Although... it does kind of set up the whole mystery of the film... and then spoil it by giving us the answer about a minute later.

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  1. Unborn looks scary, for sure. As for Salvation, it looks ok - though I'm pretty sure I saw a Decepticon creeping around in there somewhere ha


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