Unrelated to Movies: Yet Another Finished Book.

It's that time again! Another novel has been completed (my fifth to date). My one main test-reader is still to finish reading the final chapters, so I have yet to find out what anybody thinks of the finished project/rough draft. But anywho, I really like how it turned out, even though I took a lot of risks with it. But you don't care about all of that right now. You just want to know what it is and all the stats and whatnot. So here we go!

(And before we begin, let me preface by saying that the book is largely based around and/or inspired by the poem "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allen Poe).

Page Count: 341.
Word Count (According to WORD): 73,261.
Chapters: 27.

(NOTE: Ironically, it is the same number of chapters as my previous novel. And also, in comparison to the rough draft of my previous novel, while it is a whole 9 pages shorter, it is only a few hundred words shorter, almost beating it out in the word count war for longest first draft. Anyway, onto more interesting things.)

Title: The Kingdom by the Sea.

Story synopsis (as of right now, anyway):

The world had come to an end—just not in the way anybody foresaw. When the world became overrun by mythical creatures and other strange monsters, humans were driven into hiding in their underground Safe Havens until they could once again re-claim the planet. And the only hope the human race has in doing such a thing resides in the New Military, a faction of individuals who work together to both keep others safe as well as find a way to clear the Mainland. Annabel Lee, raised by the New Military from infancy, is one of the best, and nothing truly tested her skills until 8-year-old Melanie was discovered traveling the Mainland with no clue to her past.

But a Faerie warrior by the name of Kailen, who has the ability to see Annabel Lee in his dreams, knows a secret about both her and Melanie of which neither are aware. And after Melanie's catalytic arrival, the cycle of fate begins to turn, starting the change needed in order to reclaim the planet. There are two heroes—one in the Human Realm, one in the Magical Realm—and both are about to learn that the one place they need to go to discover truth and bring peace back to an anarchic world is the heart of both realms, the ruins of the ancient Faerie Kingdom, the Kingdom by the Sea.


Yes. It's a novel about Faeries and other mythical creatures. But these are not your Tinkerbell Faeries or happy-go-lucky faerie tale creatures. I based them all on the original source material, the original folklore, wherein Faeries lived in hierarchies and could be more fearsome, even warrior-like. And they are not small and pixie-like, either. They are very much like humans.

And then there are the other creatures throughout the story. I borrowed from many different mythologies, bringing in such nasty monsters such as Wendigo (zombie-like creatures) and Redcaps (ferocious, blood-crazy goblin-like creatures). There's the middle-ground creatures, too, such as the Will-o-the-Wisp (AKA Spooklights). And then there are the more benign beings, such as Sprites and Nymphs (the Sprites being quite similar to the Faeries). Of course, there are more that I haven't mentioned on all levels, as well.

That's it for me for now!

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