As If It Were A Boggart In The Closet...


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been rating freakin PG. How that's possible, I have no idea, considering it has three of the darkest scenes (Sectumsempra, The Cave, and a particular death) before the final book. Not to mention all the snogging. Insanity! They better not eff this up.

(Seriously, isn't this a major step backwards considering the last two were PG-13? Let's just hope it's still as awesome as the early reviews have said and they didn't cut or trim anything and that the MPAA are just idiots as usual).


  1. Snogging? Are you British all of a sudden?

    Flipsy mopsy willy dilly, and other words I'm unaware of. I'm such a muggle.

  2. Bloody hell, that's some serious bollocks.

    Indeed, sir, I myself am not a fan of the PG rating. Didn't TWILIGHT get a bloody PG-13 rating, and that's as close to '2 Vampires Playing in a Field of Flowers' as you're gonna get. Bloody MPAA.

  3. I don't see how that's possible. Even the big death alone was written pretty squicky and harsh. WTH?

  4. Fletch: I have my moments :P .

    Andrew: Haha... that's a great point. How does Twilight get a PG13 but not HBP? That is, indeed, bollocks.

    Al: Heck yeah... and the big death was the LEAST disturbing things out of the three I listed. One of them is a near-death bloodbath. One of them is, essentially, a hoard of zombies. And one is, well... you know. It's insane.


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